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The stupidity from individuals who along with those many in legacy, media wanna go and try to ruin the lives. Of individuals based upon their hysterical partisanship and I think you all are owed some saltiness and good for you that I'm trying, to get right with the Lord this year so that's. All you get but this this all of this I mean, we're Simpson could. Be he could be, under a with faira easily, when you're lobbying for a foreign entity and you're trying to change policy without actually meeting at, your lobbying for. A foreign entity I mean that's definitely and that's one of the accusation By the way that Bill Browder accused him of. Saying that he should have to register? As a foreign agent because he's lobbying for Russia's he was Bill Browder has clients who were Russians he was working, with Aetna tayla squad name was the one who the lawyer. Who supposedly was meeting with Donald Trump junior that is a client of Glenn Simpson's and he. Was working with her and Russians. On behalf of the on behalf, of Russia to push back the Magnitsky act which was sanctioning these Russian oligarchs who were these shady Russian dudes who were completely responsible for the death of Sergei Magnitsky so these are. Things that you're that you need to know if you're going to engage in a conversation on this issue and you wanna talk about. Quote unquote collusion because that. Wasn't just, collusion, that was conspiracy. And I, will say this there are people out there who are completely fine with using political grievances and differences in opinion to then take gutter garbage and substantiate wiretaps and surveillance on private citizens simply because. You are, dissatisfied and, angry that they oppose you politically You better pray that no one like me gets in the White House because I will admit I'm a. Tyrant this is, why there are better people. And I know my limits I'm glad rail with a one ring from Lord of the rings you better pray to your God that I someone like me never gets in the White House because see I'll I'll use it. Against you That's me though I love me free country either a. Better people out there to do it I, know my limits and see unlike these other people I'm honest, enough, to admit it to you That's the difference fan. Just saying you know there's the difference I'm up front with you and I don't want the job Because. Some of, the stuff that I'm seeing is absolutely insane you over there, you look amused Kane but. You know I'm right I mean I have, a lot of faith in our checks and balances so. I'm glad, you do I know you'd want to be a tyrant but I'm not sure, get away with much of it I, mean in my morality would step in at. Some point after after the the the the high of the revenge is gone but comforting comforting and I'm honest with you I'm. Not going to sit and, blow. Smoke up, your butt and all of the a lot? Of these other people? Out there, they do, the same thing Florida it's like why would you give lateral the one ring Interesting interesting I the. Reason I, bring all, this up because I was very fascinated by one of the. One of, the things, that had been mentioned not just at, the press conference with the? President and Vladimir Putin, but also what I. Keep hearing from a number. Of of of there were, reporters that we're talking about it because Russia apparently made overtures wanting to question Bill Browder. Which I think is, a horrible idea, Hillary Clinton. Would have, given him up because Bill Browder was an enemy of the, firm that she had hired. Two two and she was working with Russians, to get to it so that they could spy on. Fellow Americans, who opposed her politically that is an indisputable fact you can argue it except, there's actual documents there's documentation there's emails, there's all kinds of stuff that's been entered. Into public record so you I mean it's like arguing that there's no sun you know what I'm saying like you look stupid. So don't do it I'm, just. Me helping, you let me help you now but the The. Lack of consistency is that progressives don't they progressives, as they can't defend it so they ignore that it happened. And. Then they try to say well oh my gosh this was because you know why didn't Trump do anything this is Trump out all of, this to happen who is president in two thousand sixteen when the..

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