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Now we have to be divided. We don't get to do that. Absolutely. You know what? We had that back again? Green might have more of a peaceful world. Stephen, talk to you later on this week, All right. That will be you, Chris. What? They don't do a 31 on 1.5. You're member of Archie Bunker, right? Oh, yeah, right. Carroll O'Connor, right? Boy the way Glenn Miller plan Healy, he goes into a show called the Heated Night. Really? And he plays the sheriff, I think was a share sheriff like a Mississippi town completely different role. We could do that topic one night where you're talking about like you meet guys who I mean, like Jack Clubman, Oscar, Madison and Quincy were two completely different, You know characters. By the same guy. And when you look at I get John. When you look at Carroll O'Connor right. He put the character that he played. I came up with the name in the heat of the night. I forget the character's name, but I know who play them in them. The movie rights tiger right. Steiger played him in the moving and O'Connor in the Siri's, but they were two completely different characters and even look like my dad, you know? Who's your favorite old guy? You know, I was thinking about this. I wash it over the weekend, and I saw someone mentioned Columbo. But I have to say Peter Falk, because I just watched Princess Bride and him reading this story. That's what popped in my head. Check out a movie called Roommates. Made in 1918 1995. I think it was and Peter Falk plays this old grandfather from Pittsburgh and D. B. Sweeney is great swimming. That's what it is because it's I think I've seen it. But I think when you set it in my head, I was confusing it with the freshman with Brando in Matthew Broderick Side D B. Sweeney and Peter Falk. I've seen will break your heart. But it's really fall in that movie is hysterical. Really? Are you gonna love it? 10 30.

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