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Here's the latest from abc news i'm mark remillod the effort to fight massive wildfires in northern california from the ground in sky are starting to pay off abc's alex stone is says the latest in santa rosa the amount of active fiery is way down well now thanks to last wind in higher humidity the fight is not over yet but there is hope the end is in sight cal fire chief berry bearman not out of the woods yet but we are making a tremendous progress out there that progress includes a manual labor of cutting fire line which firefighters say they are rapidly doing now that conditions have improved alex stone abc news santa rosa calif germany's foreign minister believes ending the iran nuclear deal could put the world on a path to war but u s ambassador to the un nikki haley defending the president's decision saying that's not the case this week us ambassador to the un nikki haley says iran has not breach the 2015 nuclear deal but she it also says there are other dangers posed by iran that are not in compliance iran's not right now saying got to germany they're saying death to america and i think that you have to look at the fact that this is not talking about the deal this is talk not in us law on the same programme the house democratic leader nancy pelosi says president trump what woke with his asian on decertifying the iran nuclear deal stephanie ramos abc news washington nancy pelosi meanwhile also suggesting there's chaos in the white house amid rumors ambassador haley has friction with secretary of state rex tillerson kelly says they have some disagreements but always give the president the facts and new today's secretaries tillerson once again with fusing to deny reports that he called the president a more on asia the games of washington leisure the obstructive danger this town they're out helpful if so what position alderdice i'm blowing up tillerson said that on cnn this morning in the uk three women have come forward to join those claiming hollywood producer harvey weinstein sexually assaulted them this is abc news.

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