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And emerging markets dropped as investors assessed the complex outlook for international trade US financial markets are closed for Labor Day in Asia the Nikkei was down about seven tenths percent the Hang Seng and. Hong Kong lost six tenths percent the footsie in London is up almost eight tenths of a percent the Dax, in, Germany off three. Tenths percent the. CAC in Paris down almost eight tenths of a percent the British. Pound dropped his much as half a percent against the greenback after British Prime. Minister Theresa may ruled out a second referendum on Brexit in an article. For the Sunday, Telegraph newspaper President Trump's slammed what he termed decades. Of, abuse by Canada with a. New threat to terminate the North American Free trade agreement a day. After talks with the US northern neighbors stalled hours before a, deadline there is no political necessity to keep Canada. In the new NAFTA deal said Trump if. We don't make a fair deal for the. US after decades of abuse Canada will be out talks resume this coming week Italy's rating outlook has. Been lowered by Fitch Ratings we get more from. Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett Mark Fitch says the fiscal. Plans of the new government risk a degree of fiscal. Loosening Fitch lowered Italy's credit outlook to negative from stable it did. Maintain its foreign long-term credit rating at triple. Be concerned about Italy's budget has been an investor focus this. Summer with bond yields pushed higher in response to the new populist governments expensive electoral promises Charlie Pellett Bloomberg radio global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists. And analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Mark mills.

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