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He may have been born in Britain, but now his heart is a medical. It's your favorite legal immigrant President Trump's former strategist, Dr Sebastian Gorka. Thank you. Thank you Raised cold in. We're gonna get a rape, but a good friend of living more, but first, waiting very patiently in Jacksonville line five. Tim. Thank you for your patience. Welcome to America first. Let's start the golden. Hey, say yesterday you had a long force mint officer call Talk about for the reason he was retired environment belong for profit. Just wanted to add to that. That by have a third him. That's my will be on the force here. Decibel for one year. Man. What? He made that decision. My wife came to me, You know, discussion with even the said Should we talk to him about that decision? Should we try to talk him out of it? My circulation to her wife. Way have upside universal, but it means something to weigh have men and women who from the daughters. Go overseas to protect our rights. To protect all of our right. Yeah. I didn't feel like it was my right to try to talk my son out of being a Law enforcement officer here to protect the home front. One day we're making the sacrifice. With their Children. Yeah. If a parent is in that position. Please do not if your son or daughter feels that calling Do that. Please don't talk them out of it because A lot, of course to my son, someone to watch his back. Yeah. How old is your son to him? Money. 22 years old broken. He's got his whole life ahead of him. And he chose because his words to me one day with that I ate a bullet. That's right. And he's a smart young man doesn't look I'm not bragging because you're my son. But people came up from, uh, privately say this point to do anything he wanted to do. Why does he want to be a cop today? And I tell them I said he hates the bully. He wants to protect the others can't take themselves. Come bless him. What? What? Don't don't give us his last thing. What's your son's first name? That's Jesse. All right, Listen, your message. I'm really glad that you called in to him and shared the story of your son, Jesse 21 years old could do whatever he wants. And you're not trying to stop him to be a police officer. This is one of the hardest things a parent could do. Because it could be a traffic stop. It could be anything and that young man or that young woman could be in a deadly encounter. But you're right with good men and women hemorrhaging out of the police force. Because of the I mean, come on. They hate the police. They've hated them. Not just for the last 10 months. They've hated them since the sixties. They've hated them since Sacco and Vanzetti in the 19 thirties. But your son Jesse needs a good man or woman at his back when he goes to serve that warrant. When he makes that stuff on the highway, he needs somebody else to keep him. And all of us safe so Him. I can hand the emotion in your voice. I'm gonna pray for you. And for a while. The Jessie's who are out there making that decision because we need Maura. We need thousands and thousands of the Tim stay on the line We're going to send you were going to send your son Jesse. Just a token of our appreciation when I send you some of my books. But God bless you for that call. That's that's xray. Aly. Why we can't give up. That call is why we don't give up and why we never give up. People are moaning they're talking about. You know, the fairness doctrine on radio. They're talking about Twitter. That man is going to get qualified. Go to the academy, strap on a gun, put on a badge and going harm's way every time he gets in the radio car. So let's get serious about our commitment to this nation. If Jesse can make that decision, you can make a difference. Why can't run for public office? I don't have the time. Really? But guess what if he can do that you can run for office. If he can do that in Europe programmer or you've got some money to invest, you can help create a new social media platform that's free. Respect Social media. Wow! And maybe Friday. That core. Is one of the most important we've had. Thank you, Tim. Ray, another man who's served this nation. Honorably welcome from Livermore. Thank you, Dr Jean. Thank you, 10. And thank you, Jesse. I've got friends and family in law enforcement and they're kind of the end of their terms. And they're looking for a way out because of this mess, and we do need good men and women to follow them back in Otherwise, the whole thing falls apart and I did call about censorship. And you know what being done to the president, and I fear that will happen to this program. No. You just mentioned the fairness doctrine. But I see them outmaneuvering us in a different way. Dr. G. You talked about a new platform. Black ones are nice. But if this apple smartphone and the Google smartphone decided not to host your app You're effectively dead in the water as we see with parlor. And, um And we've all feared a censorship of free speech. I didn't think it would come through. Big.

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