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Picture earlier on the show Arizona cardinals running back Kenyan Drake Player's head coach Matt Nagy coming up espn host ED announcer Chris Fowler. Biggest Raiders General Manager Might Mail, and now it's rich is Our number three of our program, Chris Fowler, joining us in a matter of moments here he's getting set to call Monday night football between the steelers and the giants, and then the titans and the broncos with Steve Levy on the call with Louis Riddick and Brian Greasy. That's the team. That will be listening to for all the Mondays including next Monday night's game between the New Orleans Saints and the Vegas Raiders. Mike mayock will be joining US coming off of a big time win for him and the raiders in Carolina yesterday our poll question we haven't visited in a bit. Let's visit that at the top of hour number three, what do you have over there? Chris Yeah looking at the biggest shock from Sunday sports action NFL. And around the Sports World Bears Comeback Win. Brady loses his bucks debut the jags Spoil Philip Rivers Indianapolis debut in the Nuggets Force game seven what say you rich Eisen the big shocker. For, me was the nuggets forcing game seven Oh. I'M GONNA be honest with you. As you know on Fridays uncorking of new segment here called Higher Register where we always go appear whenever we say something to Kinda need to be. Made to believe. Because we don't really believe it. And I'm like, Hey, the Jaguars my tank might not be bad. So part of me believed in them. Brady as you know, it's GonNa. Take while for him to to get things going on I thought winning in New Orleans on the going on the road and a pandemic would be tough tough. And then bears coming back. I mean crazy things happen I. I. could not believe is you know I I chose the clippers to win it all and ever since then they did win they did win game four to three one after I said that so I can't be blamed for the Games five and six long. But I to be honest with you I bet you I'm losing on that front because it's an NBA conversation the day after the NFL returns well, I mean nuggets force game seven, second thirty, two, percent Jaguars win thirty, six percent about that. There's twenty five percent brady loses seven percents. So the Clippers in the nuggets game seven will be tomorrow night. As the Lakers Chilin wait I'm looking forward to watching Jack and rose on that boat tomorrow during that game. Playoff. So what? Very. Good. I like that. Now that was randy from long island right s who loves the giants is talking about Yup Yup. So Randy from Long Island will be watching tonight's game as well. Matt. Nagy who is an hour number two, the coach of the bears said Hey I will be tuned to tonight's game because he's playing the giant's neck. And everyone will be gathered around the television set to watch the giants and the steelers and the man who called so many remarkable matches at the US Open including a five set tiebreak. The man who who's a puts the the team if you will. Not, only in the winter of the US, open but the the teen player. Who not only called all that action over the weekend four ESPN but is calling tonight's game along with Kirk herbstreit and Maria Taylor as he always does for college football tonight's NFL game between the giants and the steals my friend Chris Fowler here on the show Harry Chris. I'm starting out the window at metlife stadium across the Turnpike here contemplating what comes next I'm well, it's it's exciting surreal Yup, but it says very twenty twenty. Empty. But Intense Arthur stadium empty but intense metlife stadium the next night. Why not now is going to say to you you're one of the few announcers who were calling A week one NFL game awarding knows what it's like to call an intense affair in front of hardly anybody. I mean what was that like sitting in Arthur ash last couple of weeks certainly over the weekend from overuse the word surreal. Now Bizarre to see someone like Serena on the court with zero fans and see a ghostly empty. Place for the men's final and but I tell you what what I've noticed in the ten this is what I've seen in the NBA playoffs. Certainly, the NHL Playoffs had a huge sample of games the NFL I watched a couple but the on field or on court intensity is not diminish one iota. It's almost easier to put the focus on that I think fans who watch football games. You can get those crowd shots going to get the roar, but you're GONNA get think. More intense focus on the participants and the sounds of it. I'm not trying to sell fan was put by I can't wait till crowds get back in it but in trying to adapt an adjusted and see what's different. Like in tennis, we were able to just really focus in on here the players. On the court, you just very weird but what I noticed was. They competed just as hard they wanted to win just as badly. They didn't get anything back from the crowd, but they didn't need it, and then that case I don't think NFL players are going to need either now espn did not. Pipe in whistles right for bad line calls during the US. Open that they did not do that right Here and stuff for the NFL. I think humans, humans are GonNa be endangered species when it comes to calling lines and a lot of tournaments are gonna go to pure technology right off the bat and and do away with the challenges and just let the machines do it. That's probably the future I mean it's safer Yoka, is on the court to Chris write. Songs it too. Chris. I mean she's recovered thankfully. The Adam's apple my word. I think I did a video afterwards and I don't know I. Don't know how this football season or the rest of the sports counters GonNa play out you guys are talking about some twists and turns in the playoffs right I. Think Buckle up we're gonNA see unpredictable stuff that's it's hard to expect and hard to to explain to people because. It's just twenty, twenty man and nothing is normal I think that you're gonNA have unlikely outcomes and I I think it's going to be a serious mental tests in the NFL is the season goes on guys any sport guys who are opting in now you can still be opting in when you're seems like three and six I mean I hope I hope it's A. Positive statement about the culture of these teams, they can keep guys together because we're all going through stuff in our own way, but it's just it just as it's A. Challenging. Tough year on the planet it's to be the same in the sports land. So let me ask you know Chris. Come on Chris, it's not. Like look we're we're all we're all trying to figure stuff out. You know I'm I'm waking up every day check the air index to see if it's healthy for my kids to go out you know on their p. e. classes that they have a in quotes during their you know online learning I mean it's a crazy world we're living in right now Chris Fowler joining me here getting set to call the Monday night or between the giants and the steelers, and before you get to that, what do you know about your college football schedule as you're currently sitting here right.

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