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Justice. Being cancer was one of the ones that will was listed as an example of bad behavior sharing my videos on on facebook so like i've talked about <hes> behavior being shadow band and stuff and i think there's a lot of people on the left or even some people on the right. Maybe who think that's being paranoid. It's conspiracy. No this is just it's react yeah. They're trying to suppress conservative voices and you know i. I love my free. Market loved my libertarian libertarian buddies <hes> but if you don't think that this is going to affect elections you you really need to look more closely at only. Is it going to affect elections. It's a direct response wants to an election that they think was out of their head that they think never should have happened right. There should never should've happened. They're gonna try their hardest to make sure it doesn't happen again and i think why the reason why i'm for small government is because i fear totalitarianism. I fear invasion of privacy. I fear being told what i can and cannot say i feel i fear being d platform dispersant and that's all bad coming from government but it's not any more acceptable when it comes to these social media giants who are run by like leftists in california like how is that any any better so i think you know conservatives who think that social censorship isn't a problem or they don't like it but oh what are we gonna do. I think they need to wake up a little bit more and understand astana. This is a very very real threat. How conservatives win elections if we can't even talk about ideas without being banned i think when you ban paul joseph watson his one point six million and followers go okay. I guess i'm a liberal it watching him for five years but you know what i think you radicalize me. We'll funding. Actually i'm just a liberal ellie makes them more encouraged to go out and vote right right and that's what it does to me right but it's it's absolutely incredible going back to the media lying about you. I mean you read your own wikipedia. Kapiti pay hover at my own wikipedia page horrific so bad so you wake up every morning and every i'm not an ego maniac but you google your name and google gle news see what the latest hit pieces and it's just a complete one eighty of the person who you also. I read my own wikipedia page and it's like all right conspiracy theories. I'm i'm not all right. The the premier premise of the outright is a why ethno stay. I don't believe in that. I never believed in that so i'm not alright. Alright hates me. They attack attack me. I mean google my name and fortune and see what the alright things about me and you as well is the same thing but with the wikipedia thing conspiracy theories okay ah i hate conspiracy theories. I think most of them are really dumb..

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