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G b A c dot i s s a dot com and all anticipate what Some may tend to say there's a strong view point out that this whole thing is overblown. And that's already you've you've heard it all and so address those people if you would before we go to the break. Alright? Absolutely. You know, my son. Actually, both of my sons are surgeons And my youngest son is, uh, still in residency. He recently. Um they basically at the hospital system that he's at they residents. Even the surgical residents have to spend time in a covid unit, and what they're finding is that the majority of the individuals who are in serious condition are all non vaccinated. Um, They really thought that that way that you know, as this is overblown, and, um, once they get into that unit, they start asking for different, you know, they want they want to have that the vaccine. They wish they would have worn math. And it's very critically visible. When you see there are we have the ability to mitigation measures in place to be able to do it from our own behavior. To be able to mitigate this virus, but we have to bond together to get this done. 18665 Oh, Jimbo, is our number 1866554626 as we talk with Patty Olinger. With the global by risk Advisory Council, and, uh it ain't over. So, uh, that's just something to keep in mind. 18665 Oh, Jimbo 18665054626, and we'll be back in just a moment. Do you have an idea for an invention? But you.

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