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Adoption beautiful because like you guys chose your son to be a part of your family to have your family name. And, and that's that's the gospel, right? Like that. God chose us to be children of God to be have this new identity and to come along and Biko heirs with Christ. So I yeah, I just love that. Your story is a tangible representation of the gospel. I've had a few friends that have adopted kids, and I've, you know, only had the privilege to walk with them in a very, very small way, whether that's just through prayer and financial support. But as I've witnessed there. You know, stories unfold. I've also realized that there is so much broken adoption that, you know, adoption exists because there are broken families and abandoned, children and unmet needs that kind of reminds me that there's a need for grief in the process of adoption. So if you didn't mind sharing what role has grief played does grief play in the process of adoption. Yeah, you're exactly right. Adoption is beautiful. But and it's hard is so much loss, there can be the loss for the birth parent who may have had to make an adoption plan because of age or circumstances. Maybe the birth parent facing poverty, or a child that needs medical care. There's a loss for the Dopp the child with our little guy..

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