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All right welcome back it is the Ben Ferguson show if you just joined us we are chatting right now about church and the question I have for you about churches what did you do today did you attend want to get your phone calls on this one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two when we go to Jonathan you were on the Ben Ferguson show Jonathan there's a lot of people saying that they believe that the government has gone too far now allowing for people to gather at church their pastors that I think are also honestly making money off this and trying to make this into them being famous by saying we are having our in our rights infringed upon as a share of what a date what are you doing in your area and what is compliance look like well I'm a sheriff's deputy but what we have parking lot church input for our church but I I do believe that they were you know I've heard of some churches that are not having church at all and I just feel like that of the government in a lot of places is vastly overstepping its bounds in the the you know you can't in humble a lot of places you can even have parking lot church where you can go to Lowes and home depot and and the the grocery store and everything else but you can't even have parking lot church that's just unbelievable as the American people we're gonna look back at this some years later and see how ridiculous it is it was one we get to that point and also I believe is setting a precedent in our country that the government can just shut down businesses and churches or just any reason when when you say business or charges for any reason I mean in my lifetime we've never experienced anything like this pandemic I'm thirty eight I don't get it I mean again you're you're the one saying this I don't understand why you're you know want why you're saying that we're this is something that there I think purposely trying to do I don't get it well if you look at the statistics in the different states I think it's more liberal governors liberal liberal mayors there are really pushing this and up I'm believe really behind it is they're doing it to to affect job president trump get reelected and you know once you start something like this shut down churches and businesses the first time ever in history and I believe it is because of multimedia and and different things all of the the technology that we have now we're you know I believe if I bite let me let's just say I buy what you're saying for a second okay if I buy what you're saying then explain to me why the rest of the world is doing the exact same thing that is happening in America because that doesn't do what Donald Trump for reelection that's a very good point and I have discussed that with other people and I don't have an answer for that you get my point you get what I'm saying right you understand and said yes yeah for for for your theory that this is about keeping Donald Trump from getting re elected then what we'd get what I just said you would have to happen at I agree with you know I mean this is I mean the whole thing here's my thing the pope did Easter by himself you have the prime minister the U. K. who almost died in the I. C. U. you have leaders in Iraq are in Iran that have died all right you have the the prime minister in Canada his wife got it right and apparently she was much sicker than they let on right.

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