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For a motion and physical problems it suspected he suffered from depression and was treated by the famous swissborn dr theodore de mayor and to make matters worse cromwell was forced down the societal ladder losing much of his status and nobility this was due to a dispute with the huntington privy council over a new town charter this resulted in him having to sell his land and moved to saint ives in england which was considered lesser land this was said to be the final straw that drove cromwell to have a spiritual awakening according to various letters cromwell grew radicalized in his puritan faith he spoke of how he was chief of sinners before being saved by god much like his faith advocated he grew to despise catholocism in the church of england along with its clergy he believed england and it's kingdoms were trapped in sin and needed to be rescued it's even been hinted that cromwell participated in underground convento coles or secret radical religious meetings these were considered illegal at the time this radicalized cromwell turned quite a few heads and even made some enemies in parliament he often spoke out about the church of england and it's corruption while many may have agreed with him his outspoken nature often left him alienated by his peers the situation however wasn't just tense because of cromwell's stance on religion much of the parliament at the time was annoyed with the current king charles i king charles the i was not a popular king he had imposed numerous taxes and loans upon his subjects after a series of unpopular wars with spain and france he was also known for not working well with this parliament often disbanding it whenever motions didn't go his way these failed meetings and growing tensions forced both king charles the first and parliament to slowly build forces against one another pretty soon to factions arose the royalists who were loyal to the king and monarchy and the parliamentarians those who sought to build a republic free from the yoke of monarchy both sides recruited armies and in january of sixteen forty two charles personally invaded parliament with armed guards to try and arrest members of parliament he was driven away and thus the english civil wars began.

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