White House says reducing immunity for police is a non-starter


There was an emotional moment on Capitol Hill today as congressional Democrats introduced a sweeping new bill aimed at rooting out racial bias in policing house majority whip James Clyburn the highest ranking African American in Congress because history of slavery be considered when writing and discussing the new legislation CBS's Nancy quarters with African kente scarves around their shoulders and millions of new allies at their backs the congressional black caucus took a need today and then laid out their bill we're here because black Americans wanna stop being killed the justice in policing act would make it easier to prosecute officers for brutality track police misconduct with a new national registry and set new standards for training and use of force the choke hold is a procedure that is unnecessary unacceptable uncivilized unconscionable and on American this legislation will make it unlawful many of the initiatives have been introduced before after the deaths of Eric garner Sandra bland and Tamir rice sometimes it takes a long time for things to change California's Karen bass and chairs the black caucus stab this bill asks a lot of police departments yes but doesn't give them any new money it doesn't give them a little money but it repurposes existing money reducing legal immunity for police officers won't be easy the White House called it a non starter today turning General William Barr explained why on face the nation because that would result certainly and and police pulling back tonight several Republicans and the White House say day two are working on police reform legislation though they haven't revealed many specifics yet Democrats are hoping to push their bill through the house quickly in the next couple of weeks and then pressure the Republican led Senate to

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