Lightfoot Imposes Curfew in Chicago Amid Downtown Protests


Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has had it with the people who just can't stick to the idea of having a peaceful demonstration Chicago was joined as of last night the list of cities with a curfew active at nine PM tonight we will be imposing and enforcing a curfew from nine PM to six AM until further notice live it also voiced voiced her her disappointment disappointment in in the the conduct conduct of of those those do do seem seem to to have have forgotten forgotten why why they they were were marching marching honoring honoring the the memory memory of of George George Floyd Floyd you you don't don't come come to to a a pulp pulp preschool protests with a bowling ball or hammer or shovel or a baseball bat you don't come to a peaceful protest with bottles of urine to throw at police officers police superintendent David Brown says his officers have put up with a great deal and restrain themselves bottles rocks Molotov cocktails gas had been thrown at them people have punched and head broken offices bones and yet our police officers stood their professional MMA Chicago proud

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