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Them ultimately winning game too? Well, I would say so you look at it that you got the start Craig counsel from Wade Miley. We talk. About a couple of times in this series. You're going to have to start get into the sixth inning. Wade Miley pitch Grady swung bat. Well, but turn it over to the bullpen, which you thought at that point pretty fresh Corbin burns hadn't pitched since the division series. He wasn't sharp today gave up two runs in only able to get one out and their German shepherds who we we develop some concerns last night. And I think that carried into tonight, which is going to be interesting going forward. Josh Hader, what he's ready to go. I think that's great for Craig counsel. But when haters not available looking at Jeffress happy to be that high leverage guy. I think there have to be some concern. Yeah. I think so. And I don't think there are any concerns for Dave Roberts. Even after Justin Turner struck out four times at game on the guy is a star. He's a proven performer. He's a proven October performer and two if you had to pick one guy in the dodgers who come up with a big kit Turner would get a lot of consideration. Yeah. And Turner big ball with the whole broad field. But he's a guy that's not afraid to short NOP it take his Knox to center. Field. Just kind of keep the line moving or drive in Iran, but he turned on a pitch and they got it up in the air. And there was no doubt about it. And it was a huge lift because you saw all the dodgers players to be five or six guys out on the warning track in front of the dugout and as much as we talk about the brewers being a close stick club. You know, very connected. Very just supportive of one. Another you to say the same thing about the dodgers. And they have a belief that late in the ball game, regardless of you know, being down they expect to come back in and they did tonight. We got a series brewers dodgers at a win apiece. Heading back to LA after this four.

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