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But given how one this past weekend? I think he might have a chance because what's the first major is all being made during one res came from behind. Here's so mentally strong. You could see it. He strikes virtually ever shot. He played with patients strategically. He was awesome. Especially after in Monari hitting the water. Yes. You know, the guy is still is mentally strong as anybody on tour and the next two majors coming up or Bethpage Black in Pebble Beach where he is dominated. That's a great point. You know? So you you if he's if he's healthy and is playing with confidence. And now he's got the momentum and the evidence that he can do it. He's picked up another one that's a role that's going to be awfully tough for the rest of the field to stop in the future. Yeah. And I mean that that leaderboard he overtook was incredible really was. You know? So love your show, man. Thank you. I appreciate your listen to thanks for the call. Thank you have a good night. We've put two hours in the books. We are rolling. The inside pitch coming up at nine ten tonight. We'll set up reds and dodgers. But what do you say we set up a little Bengals and NFL draft conversation. I will ask Paul diner junior during the course of this show perhaps to do his own live mock draft on the air off the top of his head and live tweeted and Facebook alive it as we continue on the home of the reds, NewsRadio seven hundred.

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