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It Nice to finally break through at this kind of level we are knocking on the door soccer have that really good three year old campaign but this is certainly next level from Vilma doing great stuff like you said. underneath a little confusing twenty honor. Definitely not as dominant as an gator bus expected her to be coming into this year but this is probably one of the better races she's had I in twenty twenty. So a good at least kind of some some will come back into format She she she ran well, for Dumbo road I'm not completely off of her. I think you know it's it's she's had two. Small amount of races this year she cheese. So face out a honestly just don't think Chad Brown had already I think that I guess next time out I'd I'd be much more likely to look into her especially if he goes to the Breeders Cup because a chattel learned his lesson, however crank and ready to go up when be surprised to see your run while she's she's certainly always been one who Has always backed up high-fiving. She'd obviously rendered grace's death. You'll that towards Santa last year when she lost in straight and the F.. Kind of temper those those expectations she's kind of flown under the radar twenty twenty with with all of the. Girls midnight eases before she was injured, you know taking all the headline. So she's been she's got A. Year but I'm not totally off her. And the last race from last week, and then we'll get into the Belmont Churchmen, which is actually a one by back of his roots but he he dumped jockey right from the start. So not officially the winter wet your whistles, a horse who with jockey crossed the wire I. Beat chewing gum by three and a quarter lengths. We talked about sprints a lot on here. It's just an example, eight, eight, eight to one winner. Crazy things happening turf sprint. Sweden know this who said this a bunch of times already and this is just another quintessential turf sprint the united. States..

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