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Not sure understood that one someone might have to wait that one to me. But hey, A for effort to Duff who's calling all the way from South Africa there with guns and roses and Johannesburg obviously with his wife Susan as you heard thanks as always to Duff for taking time. No matter where he is in the world or what he's doing to give us a laugh. Confusing joke. I dunno help me out with this one explained it to please. And thanks also to Nikki Novak from fandango for coming back. Talk Jericho to give us a preview all the movies hitting theaters this holiday season. She's got the good. She knows what he's talking about. I think she's always a little bit confused by my movie reviews. I don't know anything about any movie the exact opposite of most of the interviews that she does because she is a movie expert working for fandango, she watches everything. She does a great job. She's going to help you decide what to see and what to skip this Christmas season. We're covering everything from all command to Mary Poppins returns. The new will Ferrell John C Reilly comedy, Holmes and Watson. She's also in the know. But some of the smaller indie movies that are already generating Oscar buzz buzzes, the always do. And of course, he's got some real funny stories to go along with the reviews from her campaign to be in the last ever short NATO movie to try to meet her hero Bono from U two. So let's get to it. The amazing Nikki Novak right now right here on talk is Jericho. Repair. Gary came with a book of mills, no, I know. But I had I've known that CJ. No, no. So I got CJ was the other notes. This is all for all these show every day. I do a different show. I'm like they want lists. And yeah. Okay. So so the manifesto of a serial killer. It's a nice flowers on it to here with the flowery skulls. Okay deal. Lots more taste or whatever. His Nikki Novak is back for another fine preview..

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