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But all the ones that exist today were last made in nineteen. That's right. They have every preservative in all the what do you think is the demographic for selene de moms moms? Yeah. French Canadians again, if feels really racist saying. This thing. That's another thing. That's so fascinating to me about selene. Is that as we're hypothesizing that her lyrics? Don't really matter. You know in her songs, they don't really matter. It's more about the voice in the technique and how nicely they implicitly if it on the radio more than that. I've always found it. So fascinating that she's lived in America for a very very very long time. And yet seemingly has absolutely no grasp of the English language and seeing her live in Las Vegas. She was like Hello everybody. How you doing tonight? And everything's like what up everybody, and she her inflections are weird only artist. She talked about was SIA, but she called her. I love Zia and And she she sang. sang a song that see a wrote for her. I guess. I love Instagram. So good for Instagram is amazing. Fashion that that was a turn that was like new. He said that she was having a comeback. She's like rebranding as a widow. She's like, I'm a fashion plate. Now. I think it's the fucking song. She did for deadpool. No that came up so much when I was doing this research was that. I haven't listened to the song. Is it like is it a joke? No, it is a legitimate song for deadpool comedy. Yeah. Well, could call it that is that where they got selene to do it. It's like ironic. It's it's an ironic thing that they got her to do it. But it is a serious. There's no Joe shoes. Not in on the Joe, I don't know sleet, seems like she can take Joe she can take joke. But I don't know. She will be understand. I run the music video for that song like involves deadpool dancing around her. So on some level. It's she did not write a joke. Song? Do you think we should get into it? I think we gotta we gotta hear it after building it up so much. Here's what I'll say about this song real quick though. I love this song. I've listened to it for ages. I like could recite the words to it. As like in some if the song is playing I could sing it. I am just now realizing what the lyrics are. Yeah. But like it's one of those things where like you mentally like your mouth is like, no, I know what sound that is say and then put reading and I was like What what the fuck is is this? this sound? Yes. Every song written by these three guys. Is that way? Yeah. Every single one. They they pretty much just make up the bulk of songs, we probably will talk about on this podcast. I quit. Who? House. It's not from a movie, I love the harps. Synth fate in the back. Then it goes stick. Be. I like to hear them to walk out. Talk about that. It's only been twenty years of it. It really it feels like after the hit after the my heart will go on was a hit us. All right. Well, we all ever sons got open sounding like I'm on a boat. Like, yes. Yes. Since don't so bad. And yet the song Crawley CASA millions to make that's. That's a. Yeah. It's baffling question. Truly music's song cost ten dollars selene. I lean after Titanic. I mean in terms of like her cost chore, but production-wise before they got selene involved. They were like here's something we got the demo version. It's just put that on the master is fine. It really Celtics in their room. Then selene came on the track and made it art. She's like Renee did. Jalil husband recipes. The video of her on sixty minutes or something it was like a couple years ago, or whatever I don't even remember. But I watched it. It was really good. And there's a moment where she I mean, she's goofing the whole time literally goofing with the report of the whole time. But the best part is that she goes up to this plaster esque some type of plaster mold backstage of her husband's hand. And she puts her hand in it as tradition before she goes on stage. She grabs her husband's cold plastic. Yeah. Cold silicone, hand, squishy or. No, no. Maybe I don't know what the material is. But it's hard. And it's..

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