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For money news on K. Y. W. his bluebirds Larry coffee sellers thank you the earnings and economic reports what the market is real average slid four hundred forty five yes the five hundred and sixty three the nasdaq composite tumbled one twenty three retail sales and factory output suffered historic declines in March and the worst maybe to come April surveys of home builders at New York manufacturers show further weakness another big jump in weekly jobless claims is expected tomorrow Ford is experimenting with giving employees wearable social distancing devices keep them apart once its factories re open volunteers are testing wristbands that vibrate when employees come within six feet of one another ticket holders to XFL football games that will never be played will have to wait before they can get a refund a bankruptcy judge temporarily blocked the leak from making refunds to give other potential creditors a chance to weigh in with money news from Bloomberg on K. Y. W. I'm Larry coffee for the U. S. tally of coronavirus cases and deaths might jump because federal health officials will now count illnesses that are not confirmed by lab testing the U. S. centers for disease control and prevention notifying states that they could include probable cases in the accounts they report so far the decision hasn't caused you as counts to rise much faster than they already have been officials in some states say though they are just learning about the change there was already a big rise in New York City for example where officials this week started counting people who had never tested positive for the coronavirus going forward in this crisis a new order in Pennsylvania says businesses must require their workers and customers to wear masks that's coming up on K. Y. W. news radio it's seven twenty seven it's weird I don't get shampoo the first half of the word a sham and the second part you definitely don't want to see in the shower that's what I mean open meet word flotation the feeling of security you get when your new house is protected by home insurance.

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