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Where would you make your namesake Nick Wilson? When he went to go tell poverty about that he that that was his high school crush. Yeah that that was. If it's GONNA come out I guess it's better comes out from you. Poverty was in leaning into it. I thought she may have leaned into it a little bit. But she didn't need to I guess if he's still crushing it looks like he was crushing. He's got his hands all fiddle with each of them as they crushed and he's crushing. Wendell's kicking but yeah no. It was interesting. I thought it was more interesting to see. You will emporia conversation a interesting because it seemed like they had almost no no conversation at all since Cook Islands. Yeah yeah almost seem like they were reconnecting over wife. Liking poverty or at poverty had not even ever heard that like oh you. Your wife's name is Sophie. Oh Okay and she's a big fan of yours like it really seems like these are people that have not spoken since what two thousand what. What year I'm trying to think. Like two thousand fifteen years ago. Yes sure yeah. I thought it was interesting. Because despite you'll saying that now give away a little body language till I feel like you will was not in on the Commerce Asian sharing it to share it. He had his arms folded his arms crossed. Therefore I don't think he was as receptive to Are you maybe we had seen? So do you read into the body language of the survivor contestants? Because I feel like it's the kind of thing I could ever pick up on in real life but I do feel like that when I watched the show. I feel like that. I always looking for this kind of stuff. Yeah I mean. You can't confirm this so I could just obviously be lying like tie tie in my season. He like he found the idol and I asked him about any arms folded. I went back. And confessional said like now he has. The idol is arm sold. He doesn't WanNa tell me anything buying it again like. I think you should look for that in real life. Yeah in the game because in and Michelle looking back. I didn't register on my season when I was talking down to her when I was scolding her. Just like Wendell. She her body language. She had her arms folded and she was like Like now this is not an I did not recognize that in real life when we were at the water well On beach and now and now is the moment where I should have been like. Oh I made a mistake so yes I think body. Language is usually. Yeah so you feel like that. You will want nothing to do with poverty. This is not somebody that he wanted unconnected players not the poverty has a ton of connections in this. She does he would assume from other seasons. Tyson Rob Sandra. Even though her and Sandra how the little beef going on Plus she's a good player right. He would assume so he'd rather play with maybe not a great players. Yeah do you think that has anything to do with the fact that they weren't on the same page in The original season together. What do you mean that They do not have a relationship of working together that they have a relationship of being adversaries. Yeah and they. It doesn't seem like they know each other. Where like Robin Ethan? Were I think they were ever on the same tribe together but they at least have known each other for for a long time that I wonder if you have somebody who was your enemy from another season even if you've known them for ten years or whatever and it's something that maybe it's water under the bridge but then it's like you're back out there. I don't know if I could work with this person who that be for you in either Amazon or all stars. Well I don't know I feel like that If the all stars example like if I if I was out there with robber an amber like the people that voted against me in that game. Yeah Gimme a robbery number. Yeah I mean. That's a tough example. Because Boston rob plays like such a speed immune to say I was on the tribe with amber. Like I feel like that. Okay here's somebody that I've known for a long time. I don't think I would have any sort of like reservations about trusting amber that. She's somebody that I've known for a long time with. They say like because it's complicated because then her husband's on the other tribe but if like rob wasn't even out there and I would also like And the Specific Boston rob example. Like I wouldn't be trying to get Boston. Rob voted out of this season. People that I would say that he's a shield would keep him around. Yeah I would. I would want to do the Jeremy Tony. Things for sure and I feel like that. What was so interesting about the strategy that that people like Jeremy and and others were interested in was okay if we completely take away all of Boston Rob's power but keep him in the game. What what can he do? We saw this week. He was very effective without his loyal soldiers. Right right and he's just going to annoy people so that that's that's no. I'm serious that that's that's always my thing where it's like all right if he if Boston rob is getting on your nerves you for people. Chances are he's GonNa get on everybody else's and earners and why not just keep them there right now created? He could do damage because he's a good player in some respects right so I get it. But what were you gonNa say I feel like this? I WANNA say it came up on one of our patron calls about the idea of you know could Boston rob potentially be jury vote in this season of that. He somebody that the longer. He's GonNa keep him out there he's going to get on everybody's nerves especially when he's out of power trying to force his will on everybody that's out there and then by the time the day thirty nine. Maybe people would be sick of him well. Is this all stars? Then yeah exactly. Yeah Yeah so. I mean he's GonNa be you know run into the ground that's going to be there but if he's just happens to be there at the end with people that are necessarily people that are palatable to vote for that he might be somebody who could be like a Russell on day thirty nine. Yeah I agree with that. But now that's done with so we don't well until he comes back in potentially see we'll see but I think that him going to the edge of extinction and then going going away. I feel like that's his better shot to get to the end. Yeah I know with extinction hate the edge of extinction. You're right I'm not a purist. I like when they take swings. I Li- do like when they take shots. I think I'm going to make Wigley annoyed. I think they can tweak extinction still. There's still opportunity to tweak it but I don't like it in turn for and I don't WanNa see anything either. I anything. No I mean I think there is a way to the story by hiding what's going on. Or what's a majority of going on edge of extinction? How can you tell a story by not showing the story because the story is not as edge of extinction stories in the game so I would view people who voted out in this current form of edge of extinction? And the Fire Tokens makes it difficult. But people who voted out and get sent to edge are my opinion a neidl their immunity. Is there an advantage they are? They're human beings but they are this object now. Okay when they come back in the game then they start up the story again. We're not watching. You know idols. Being built or advantage is being created once they come back in the game all of a sudden they're an advantage or a new alliance a new person or a disadvantage for a new person or a new alliance that brings them in so so. I don't think they're story has anything to do with edge. It's once they come back into the game now they can get that story again and they can restart it there So why show it on? Edge don't even show it. Their story starts again when they come comeback. Wasn't that Chris Underwood. Though well they showed Christo but still doing Michelle any of it. Don't show ream. Don't show any of it. Don't Indian this form in this form was Chris Underwood. Yeah and that's why it's Kinda sucks. He would've been better if we would've seen let's have Chris Underwood. I personally think more controversy the better on occasion. Yeah Yeah sorry sorry sorry..

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