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Hello everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the passing shot. This weekend would have marked of course women finals weekend, so what better time to reminisce and think about some of the most dramatic moments from the championships over the last decade came I've got my I've got my strawberries and cream of got my joker. Pim's and yeah, you looking. We're GONNA. Do Little little countdown yet. We are got some Robinson's to go with my with Alpo cost today because I can't find the payments to the back of my cupboard somewhere. But yeah, we've decided that actually. We normally debate moments boat. Many movements from Wimbledon over the past decade that we were kind of looking back through them. We all just H is just know enough say we're kind of doing this in teapot Sixteen. Tell you to, but we're just GONNA cut you the first eight day on and see how. So many to kind of two three. I'm also mentioned as well I. May my all whites as well summer, and getting into kind of like getting into the the women, the Wimbledon Spirit and Yes listeners, thanks for facts again in touch this. We put out to ask you. What are some of your dramatic moments from the uniform cade and we really appreciate you getting in touch. Who knows maybe you'll maidment will appear on the list, but yes, we will, of course say caveats. This is our list. This is purely our opinion. We think it's a pretty good list. There are some moments that you will be familiar with, but we think there are some vitamins I feel that have been you know maybe not. You might not be as familiar with, but yeah, let's get. Let's get into it starting a number sixteen in our countdown, and it's one I guess you know for British fans is a very a memorable I will say a fairytale story where we him back to Twenty-six. On its Marcus Willis and His run from you free. Pre would qualify to qualify to the main draw. To play Roger Federer. Is this more of a Fairytale Jolan Peter Cold winning Wimbledon in the film that we discussed on our lots podcast. Possibly say yeah. I feel like made some of our listeners from like ABC's might not even know of this story. They might even have never heard of Marcus Willis. British fans probably happen until two thousand sixteen. And Yeah. He came through the qualifying say. He was ranked down at like seven, hundred and seventy two in the world. Qualified One always marched and qualifying obviously. And then came up against recalled this baron case of I. Think he's Lithuanian in the first round, beat him. which she data alone is kind of pre. Wow, considering his ranking and the disparity between between the t pies and then. Who Does he then face in the second round, nee wombat reporter federal himself say oversee. That was going to be prime on sensical. And I guess teacups, isn't it? It's kind of like Oh. Marcus got through the second round. So annoying. He's paying federal. He could have a had charges against someone else, but on the other side is the actually if he's going to get through to the second round for like probably the only time in his career, he might as well Gad parents on Sundays go play unites the greatest champion. Wounds ever seen. Yeah. I, be the. The second camp I think if I'M GONNA. Go Out I. Want to go out in style and you know what better way to to go out. To have to have? Time, one of the greatest cross players of all time across across from you of from the net I think the story for me remarkable because the the the ingrained image I have in my head of Marcus Willis is. Is actually before this it wasn't. It's not baby. It was he was on like. He was like on a challenge tour event, and he had like a can of coke and a malls Baugh. One of his matches and Clemente to is like I think the commentator coming here. It was basically called him Kaufman for from South Park. and was like is this. Is this guy for real? Is The guy really heavy like? A cat of kind of self drake. Y-, you know tennis by the challenge, Tour and It just shows think it shows you the just the. It was just crazy the way he went from this sort of you know position where he wasn't really kind of know. Yes, he was talented, but I think he was really applying himself. It shows you I think it's a story that shows you that. If you do apply yourself, incredible things can happen and. You know, he went from literally like. Fee, Butts Four coaching is. Club. Thirty pounds of our lessons. To Yes said. Roger Federer, thank you very much. Yeah, I remember the time the story about how he was kind of. Coaching legally in that you know. He wasn't really actually playing that Martin. He turned to other things within tennis to get his income. At, I remember as well you know. I think the first few months of that year he he had only one something like four hundred dollars or something ridiculous from from prize money say just think will a big Said into his income like second round price on. It wouldn't debate and I think these things for these supplies like that didn't come along very often is literally wants to blame. Mean you might be a player ranked around seven hundred. Never get an option to buy this so I think he just made the most severe, and like he came onto I. Think the Wimbledon highlight show that's been on in the UK the other day. You know he's overseas still really like happy and grateful for this opportunity in this segment, and I think actually it's struggled quite a bit after it. Because, I guess, the idea is that you've had this experience, and then you want to move on, and it's an upwards, and then actually it's Kinda. Go back to just playing features and Chehalis. Game Bats Local coaching was probably quite difficult to deal with because she'd be comparing to let this amazing experience that you had. So I guess it probably also poses challenges as well, but if you look at this moving on his eight, it was remarkable and actually the actual match against Federer. He didn't do too. Badly I think he got bagels in the set, but he came back in one about seven games of things, so it was perfectly respectable, or not I think the crowd will. Very. Appreciative of. His efforts. Yeah. I think I remember when I was watching that match. I was like. Had already that I sat I. Mean we're talking? We're the second row over booed. Add. It felt like an exhibition atmosphere. You know the idea, the. Roger Federal could come up against. A play light marcus with us in the second round. It just felt. Like to be true and I think you know it was. It was kind of if I remember that feeling very exhibition, and in a point where he what the I guess he what is first. Gabe and it was like the floors. I was. Glad. It wasn't like just like a either. He wasn't just like going novelty game of Roger Federer. Yeah, he did he did. I think kind of overcome. Maybe the the nerves and potentially the say, try paying on court to really kind of. Test test at times. Federa- and I know there's that great. I think it was very to like point of the tournament he did that. He had like a think he. Yeah, it was a great I think they showed that on the highlights recently and I mean it is. You can't help but smile because it was like a amazing logo Federer and news just yeah, it was Kinda. I might be leasing have I can still come up with something. Marvelous like that say. Yeah. I think Osa while this is kind of just talking about the next grounds I'm that stage basically USA, but this is exactly the thing hats big thing now that they've got rid of qualifying. Fool the USA from which is such a shame because today's stories that we love to watch an hair about. It gives spotlight players. That would normally never. Get talked about ready say it was obviously just one of these stories to cherish especially for British tennis, fans and In a just remarkable ready, but yeah I think. I get more of easy, not just in British grads it's. Heartwarming Stories. It does feel like when they do happen. Gross, gross core and the..

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