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They don't put in the valves when he wanted to. Here's the thing. Here's the thing. Jim Kosta is a third return list and a clown. But I'd rather live in a country when we step back a little bit. We'll step back a little bit from disliking him. Personally. I would rather live in a country in which the occasional knucklehead can give the top man a headache from time to time and country in which that can't happen. So even though I don't think the first amendment or the fifth amendment decrees that Jim Acosta needs to get his press pass back. I do believe it is. Generally, a good thing that the press can annoy the president of the United States. The reason the press is suffering. The the Donald Trump backlash. That it suffering is because they didn't do their job for eight years. That is why if they treated Barack Obama like this, and they had this. They have this delusional sense that they once asked Barack Obama hard questioned with something like what time is it or something, you know, what what chance you most about the presidency. They have this delusional idea that they covered Obama. They didn't cover Obama. They covered up for Obama for eight years that scandal-free administration that included scandal after scandal the IRS scandal the fast and furious scandal one scandal after another the scandal of the Iran deal the scandal of dumping cash into the pockets of the Iranians for nothing for no reasons because they're going to get their nuclear weapon. Anyway, all of those scandals were left uncovered they covered him up instead. And that's what they're paying for now. And that's why Donald Trump gets away with the stuff he does because otherwise even I would attack them. I don't wanna see the president of the United States throwing reporters out even a bad reporter even. Bad reporter like Jim Acosta, who's just grandstand. Or throwing his opinion at the president. I want those guys they are the problem is you cannot show up after eight years and put on your reporter pants again and say, suddenly, we're reporters. So this is the problem that I have with this idea that we stand in solidarity. There was an exchange. Chris Wallace had Trump on. And I thought Trump said a couple of things that I would question but not on this subject, but but they had an exchange Chris Wallace and Trump had this back and forth exchange in which Wallace kind of did this whole thing that the press stands in solidarity. Let's let's play this clip. This is number seven. I'm saying fake news false reporting dishonest reporting of which there is a lot. And I know see I know it because I'm a subject of a lot of people don't know. But when I explain it to them, they understand, and because you know, that better you don't have to sit here and act like a perfectly wonderful innocent angel. I know you too. Well, I knew you father to well. That's not your, gene. But let me. Tell you look I and some of the coverage of user, and I've set it on the record is biased. But I don't think that they are despised. But I, but the idea that you call us the enemy of the people calling you that I'm talking I'm not altogether. I don't understand it. We're all together. No, no. I'm not calling you. I. All and the New York Times calling. We're in solidarity. Curling fake news fake reporting is what's tearing this country apart because people know people like things that are happening. And then not hearing about it. Now. Trump is absolutely right about this. He's right twice immense fake reporting. When you have ninety four to between ninety four ninety six percent of the coverage of Trump has been negative when the economy so good when ISIS has gone on the judges a good when the regulations cut back and businesses thriving all of that that that's covered ninety six percent negative. He is absolutely right. And the problem is that the problem with Wallace's point of view is that it is. It is the opposite problem we have with Democrats that we want clowns like Jim Acosta to be able to annoy the president I want that to happen. My gripe is that it didn't happen for eight years. That's my real gripe. Not the way they treat Trump. It's the way they treated Obama and the way they treated Trump, but but the solidarity of. Press is masking a genuine genuine dysfunction in the press..

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