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A great job this, year, partnering, with the sky SOX and providing some tremendous food For the front office and Media Heredia back to the third base dugout here's bandy, Oprah three, bases loaded one out, ten five Reno in the eight Left-hander on right hander Bandy over to the. Bases loaded this year Vasquez ready throws swinging poll found nearly got tyrod Taylor at third base and its own one Taylor at third Santana the runner at second Beth in court stationed at first Swung. The this could get real interesting here Narayana while deck And field double-play. Hopeful bandy request time and will readjust on the right side now back in there Vasquez has surrendered eleven home. Runs on a year And the pitch outside off speed. And the count one and one Sykes trying to rally here in the aether down by five Lefty on righty Sky SOX record one trailing, after seven innings three and thirty. Five Which is the Challenge tonight down by five, in the eighth Vasquez. Left-hander, ready to go the one one pitch hi fly Abe centerfield got a hold. Of this thing way. Back at. The wall it is added here Baniyas done it grand slam. And the sky SOX brought it within one it's ten to nine You know it as soon as it left, a bad. Bandy got it all. Over the, fence and. Center field and we have a ball game here. Folks sky SOX down by Iran in Reno on the granny off the bat of jet bandy and out of, the third base dugout is manager Greg gross that's gonna be offer Anthony Vasquez ten nine the. Score vandy with the grand slam sky. SOX third of the. Year, Vasquez will lead and we have a pitching change in Reno and we have. A ballgame ten nine. Aces lead..

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