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The Nation's response to the killing of white civil rights workers drove home a central point of Freedom Summer Volunteer Robbie. Osman told me for the first time. He really grasped the double standard that valued white lives more than black lives a double standard. Not just in the south but embedded in. Us Culture the very reason that we were there as white college students was that unless the country's attention was focused by by the presence of those people that this country was accustomed to caring about namely White College Students Nothing would happen. And if it was only people who this country was not accustomed to carrying about namely Black Mississippians. Then nothing would happen. And I think that what embarrasses me is the extent to which I was capable of forgetting are underestimating that. I'm it's not that I didn't know it it's that I didn't feel it. You will look out. Their new highway patrol would be sitting in white and police would be right here. They would always be because this was the corner. You know aaliyah. During the summer of Nineteen Sixty four UNITA blackwell's home became a focal point. For Civil Rights Activity as project director for Issaquah County in the Delta Blackwell had summer volunteers sleep on the floor effort to room house. And she oversaw the county's voter registration efforts because it was album daily operation. You know it wasn't like you was at home and going to prepare Get up and clean up your house and and do a meal and sit around and talk to people are good workers. I'm this was it. You know you ate. You slept you. Did everything in terms of voter registration volunteer Joe. More of Minnesota and Mississippi and Rosie head were among those who spent the summer looking for potential black voters and members for the new Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. So men going going door to door. Usually we were in pairs. While we were always in pairs usually a black person and a white person we will go from house to house and talk to people and try to encourage them to come out meetings and explain to them how they could get registered to vote in what you know good. It would do them if they could get ready to be a home on the side of the road and you'd have to park your car and you knew that if anybody came by while you were parked there if it was anybody who is related to the clan of the White Citizens Council or some racist. They know your car and your license plate so you're immediately putting the people you're talking to at risk a lot of time. We will get put out of the people they wouldn't let us pay as the gate or they'll just say They didn't want to talk to us. They didn't want to be involved in the maze and they would just be afraid to talk on the surface. The voter registration drive failed out of half a million black mississippians of voting age. Fewer than two thousand were approved as voters during freedom. Summer but that was expected the point was to show the country. How the state systematically disenfranchised black voters at the same time though a lot more black people signed up for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party which would soon make history at the Democratic National Convention..

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