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Go to the head of the class nick roman ahead of the class bill was coming up let's get clark on the line baton rouge shallow clark hello of our thank you for taking my call i've been listening since 1993 thanked and by the way forward started i haven't heard you uh mentioned uh your golf game than over ten years i was wondering if you're still playing ally yeah i love the game and uh you know i mean nobody on the pga circuit has anything to worry about clark but no i love the game world the best thing about retiring from being able to play during metal week yeah well i'll tell you what you've got something going there asked question i have for years uh thank you i was listening to you last week talking about quantitative tycoon and the influence and uh on low interest rates go on up and stuff and i have a bunch of rietz and you've said that uh higher interest rates creates a headwind parites i'm trying to understand that i was wondering if you could enlighten me a little better yeah it's tom petition its competition for the money in other words saw yield competition as rates go up there is more competition from the bond market because you can buy bonds you could buy treasury bonds even and you get higher yields and higher yields compete with the yields on the reits and that's the reason is a headwind and i think that if you check the performance of your reits i think you will see that has been a headwind oh yeah i've been i've noticed that my wife or more four five months but you've been pretty significant yell trying to figure out what how it's going to affect me going forward of adam for several years i got it real good entry point up still in the black in there and make pig booed geno a a cut revenue which is what i walked retirement so i'm just wondering how things are gonna go going forward i think that which well i'll tell you i'll tell you what you don't want to tell you what you don't want to see what you.

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