Shawn, Bowman, Paris discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Special Report: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka! (1988)


One thing before i forget dopey a menace to sell central while drinking your juice in the hood is not directed by keane the navre winds and i do think that he had much if anything to do with it was actually written by shawn and marlin winds and fill bowman and then directed by paris berklee so i apologize for that there are some moments in the script that i think would have fit okay i'm sorry can keno everyone's plays a mailman in it there are some moments in the i'm gonna get you suck a script that play like they came from don't be a menace there is a scene where jack is going down to the rough part of town it's between him leaving his mama's house for the first time and going to meet um jack split john slade and that scene of the getaway olympics and he goes into this really rough part of town and the way that the script describes it it's like um that there are ice cream trucks coming down the street and they're selling drugs and there's a guy like leaning out of a window and yelling at a guy industry like hey can you pick me up so and so you know so however many drugs neath rosen down some money and is like you get a bag for yourself and that is so it's it's much more of this kind of outrageous parity and there's a characters really weird because there's a character in that scene call pop and he's like the the old man of the neighborhood and he's like you know jack what are you do a down here this is really dangerous and then i'm pretty sure that they.

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