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We started talking about some more and we've got a a local legislator state legislator who just incredibly public health focused. So, we set up a meeting with him. He's just been incredibly great to US set up a meeting with him. We had breakfast and I said, you know we wanna do this thing and we want to model it after child and maternal mortality. In he said, sounds great He also this legislator also was the author of Indiana Syringe. program. Legislation in two, thousand, fifteen which. I don't know if you guys are not been. Indiana is super conservative. So he was able to get this through which was incredible and so yeah. So we had breakfast and he said, you know sounds good. Sent me the information. Yes. We were able to get it done and we kind at the last minute. A lot of things got attached to it. So it ended up being suicidal overdose fatality review and I went up and testified a couple times in different committees Dr All went up and testified a few times on different committees. We whipped about with senators and legislators and and then at the last minute I mean, it was it was really interesting. I'm pretty familiar with the federal legislative process not as familiar with state but no, we'd go and say, okay, you're going to testify Wednesday morning at ten thirty I'd be walking out of my health hotel of to across the street from the state. House. Negotiate, your testimony canceled today come back next week with A. Two and a half hours away like. Okay. So it was a lot of. Lot of back and forth with lobbyists in all the stuff. At the last minute. Different legislators had attached I'm some syringe service language to it, and so it kind of got dicey I've got a little bit contentious there at the end but kind of on the last few days that we could get it through it passed, and so we are just absolutely thrilled because for the first time in a state of Indiana were able to a community level look suicides than overdose cases as a as a group and and the the goal is not to point fingers. It's not to say, well, the hospital should have done this or wife Spring should have done this to say. Here's a here's a gap in care. You know nobody they were told that somebody would follow up and nobody followed up and this is what we can do to make sure that doesn't happen again. In one Indiana County, they sound There were a couple of these kind of operating anyway without legislation and in one of the counties they found. That eighty percent of suicides that had happened in the year that they studied they'd had a divorce filed in the prior year. So. You know correlation isn't causation right palm, but it was enough. It was enough to for the local court to say, okay, we need to implement some things here. We need to do a suicide screener and to let people know. You know it's normal to have these feelings. This is not uncommon, but if you do here's what you need to do. and so we feel like it's a really important public health and prevention for our community. So we're really excited about it in. This is the first month that were able to operate. Wow, that's awesome. How does that and does that now bill?.

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