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Ralph, Ross And Johnson discussed on Sal Licata


A little in the run to finish those one on one coverage with their own Ralph really just possible Ross got run all it also came on a comeback well so first intend for doing one of the forty two yard line point satellite radio that shotgun green Ellis who is right they played back the floats accidental jobs what's the big deal with the fact that there is a need to be checked out for Brady so good basing for doing one's offense the start this third quarter yeah there are twenty eight dollars twenty nine yards on two plays there and they're at midfield Johnson got a kick back control and now they're playing it on the patriots terms is the fifth step up and get something done I want you to tell black white screen Alistair G. sold as of Phil gets a key block he's inside the forty the Browns the thirty Tom Brady's Super Bowl record with thirteen straight completions the battle with the run of the Java screen else so in three plays new England's gone for their own twenty one for the giants thirty three yard line yeah this is their fast break offense here they want to just keep the giants gas you may get a Asian three receivers well mostly for eighty seven it was a twenty eight yard line the five on the fly second five for New England you mean your comes in as the giants about Linval Joseph yeah the patriots go no huddle winds are still mulling around two receivers like one for the new site would have the line for twenty four yards sure the first down our office is coming on the near side looks like favorable spot on social all four measurement twelve thirty eight here in the third quarter New England fast paced this is to work out the way they would have like they got a late scoring on a ninety six yard drive at the end of the half to get a touchdown they deferred the opening kick off the second half of the trying to get those back to back possessions with points giants nine two leaders been eliminated patriots up by one and driving here to start the third this giant defense has to play with more of a sense of urgency here because the patriots are just quit calling the defensive line it's been rendered thank you for all intents and purposes how to make their presence known here my radio third NH's inside the giant twenty four all three now if you want to get a first down really advances at the twenty yard line first down doing well thought out the giants on their heels ten nine New England still going no huddle they send Ben Jarvis green Ellis.

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