Captain America: The Winter Soldier | A Marvel Cinematic Universe Rewatch



We started. Out. The world outside your window is not great as you can tell by the falling hello carriers, but we are just getting started here on post, show recaps. It's everything is super, and everything is indeed superhero. Post show recaps. We are talking about one of the most beloved marvel cinematic universe movies of all time hot off the presses of one of the least beloved marvel. Marvel cinematic universe movies of all time we're talking about. Captain America the Winter Soldier second movie in the Captain America Franchise. Year on poster recaps on the everything. Super podcast will we're talking all things MC I'm josh twitter and joined by this man who has just set foot into the elevator Kevin Mateo, Kevin you sure you don't WanNa. Get off before we get started. I'm going to stay on. Because I'm going to be the one beaten everyone up oh. Yeah, you've been working out. Yeah! I've been doing so much working. Lifting up their potato chips to my face. And still get going from one leg to the next I exercise the other day for the first time in three months. It didn't go great. It didn't go very sore. I think Captain America would have to hit me once and I would explode into Goo and that would be the end of everything. What's really upsetting? Is that legit was like going to the gym again under regular? Says I was going to before all this started. And now it's just all like I was like finally doing it again. I was like I'm so proud of myself what Dan's. Saying is added to the list. But look, let's not dwell on any of that. Let's dwell on the fact that we're talking about a real swing upward in quality following thor the dark world, which we trashed appropriately so trashed even harder than I expected to going into the movie to the point that Kevin. Changed my score during the course of the podcasting. Found a lot of people responding on twitter. I'm not very much on twitter right now but I do see what's coming into. My mentions and I saw a few people coming into the mentions Kevin to Buick. I. Don't think it's a terrible movie, but Kevin was very convincing. Superpower that's how I felt I still think that it's an okay movie, but you convinced me it was terrible. We don't need to spend a whole other podcast getting into that, but why don't we instead spend an entire podcast talking about the best movie ever captain? America the winter soldier one hundred stars out of three s movie. That's ever been made a lot of love for captain, America, the winter soldier. It is a very celebrated entry into the. It is based not directly, but it is at least taking a lot of its major cues from a really celebrated run of captain. America comics written by Ed. Brubaker I'm blanking on who the artist was. On that runs editing I think Steve. Steve APP thing I. think that's that sounds right. That sounds right to me. A couple of artists I think came in and out, but I know Steve at thing was was was part of that. And it was. It's like if you have if you've never seen it before. If you've never seen the physical copy, there is a twenty five issue omnibus. Call those gigantic collections of comics that you could absolutely beat someone to death with Captain America and the shield style, not that he really severely beats a lot of people to death on the regular, but this is a very very heavy book, and it is filled with glorious glorious comic books of a relatively recent run from marvel comics that gives us the return of Bucky who had been dead in marvel. Marvel comics up until that point gives us the basis for the winter soldier character, and therefore the story line for the movie, which is very very deep in the covert ops spy arena, if the first avenger was all about World War Two and sort of like a stall gic throwback to another time, when it was just as easy as you punch a Nazi, and that's the right thing to do. Rather than it being, it's complicated both sides. And, here we are in the winter soldier that is dealing with a world and type of warfare, that is a little bit more murky, a little bit more shadowy, a little bit harder to do in in in modern in modern days and I think it's it's heavily based on that comic run. If you haven't read it and you loved this movie and you've ever thought about picking up a comic book. This is a run of comics that I strongly strongly recommend I think he'd be. Be really excited based on how how much you love the winter soldier. The movie I think you would love the winter soldier run from Ed Brubaker and Marvel Comics. I was just actually turning around. Look on my bookshelf to see if I could find it because I almost positive I have a copy of that and I was just like. Where is it so yeah, but I could not see it right now so now I'm just kinda nervous about where my copy of that book. I stole. It is the last time I was there. I can't go out to the podcast without a uniform, so I. Took the book jacket off your comic. Book and I'm wearing a t shirt right now horrifying. Very much. No I think that this is an extremely celebrated in well-deserved so run and I think you know it's interesting what you talk about. In the contrast of what winter a first offender was to this and I venture was very much of that time. Right like he is in World War Two. The things were easier, and this is really about like. Where do you go from here? What type of? soldier, what type of do you want? Be and I think that's the main thesis for for cabinet.

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