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Welcome to the show Haley, pleasure to be here. Today, we're talking about Denver, the mile high city. We've done an episode before with my friend, Michelle Jackson, but it's good to come in. Walk back into the City and learn a little bit from you as well. Thank you. It's my kind of town. I gotta tell you. I love it. Awesome. So you're actually a transplant from, you know, where I used to live in L and you've been in Denver for about what about a decade or so, little more than a decade now. Yeah, so what brought you to the city? So here's the deal. When you get up there in age and my real home is, I'm in the travel world and all of your clients, tell you, oh, I used to live in Chicago. I lived for a while in Paris, I lived up in Vancouver and my whole life. I was born raised educated spent, most of my career in Los Angeles and I said to my wife we've never lived anywhere else. So we had just sold our home and we said, well, we have an opportunity, we got money in the bank, nothing holding his back off. All the stuff has been cleared out of the garage and we decided. Okay, let's look at our top five or six cities and we looked at the central part of California. Gorgeous was because of the budget at the time. We looked at Boise, Louisville, we looked at Austin. Austin, almost got me. I have dear friends family that are in Austin and would spend many a Christmas there and you know, people go, Austin, you want to move to Texas? I don't know. Know know, know know, Austin's weird and got a wonderful sense of humor. And of all the parts of Texas as the only place I'd want to be. But a friend of mine that I was really, really buddy. With when I was in Los Angeles had moved to Denver seven years before and I will before you make a choice. He says come on out here, come on out here for Thanksgiving. Well middle of November December. What am I going to need knee? High boots? You know for the snow this is come on out, So he takes me in his car and he drives the two of us all the way up to Fort Collins and then he drives the Ridge Route. All the way down to the springs. And I'd never seen so much Beauty in my life and the only thing that was missing off of my bucket list. Was it, didn't have an ocean view and I reconciled. I said, well neither does Austin. You know, Austin has lakes in the middle of the city that we've got beautiful lakes and rivers, and all kinds of wonderful things to do. But I would not have picked a better City. I love Denver. There's such an open space to it off, you know, you're from Southern California. Everything is crowded. Your vision feels like it's very limited with buildings and traffic everywhere and you go here and you look up. And the sky is wide open. I've never felt so free in my life. So nobody can call me a native Denver, right? But I gotta tell you, I'm home. Going anywhere, I love this place and I hope anybody just listening to this would would come and see why Denver is such a lovely place to visit. Don't get carried away. Want to move here though cuz she has gotten very very expensive cuz a lot of people want to move here. That's also I mean when we considered places to move when we were leaving California Denver and I are both on our high, on our list, before we ultimately settled on Nashville and all the times I've been to Denver, it's been a wonderful place to kind of walk around the downtown. Try all the different local beers and, and food and everything wage. And the scenery is hard to beat, that's for sure. Well, we are now the Beer Capital used to be Milwaukee and, you know, had its breweries but he's not here. Not only is this the large breweries, but we also have the king of the craft breweries and we have every year we have the American Beer Festival. It's at the convention center off. Line circles around the convention center to get in. Obviously the cost of admission. Let you taste as many samples as you can handle. I've got four little craft breweries within walking distance of my home. Everywhere you go, people are making beer and they're putting their own little spin on it. They're adding fruits or there any spices, and they have their seasonal. So, if you love, beer song, birds Denver's, the town to come and visit and every season, you can always taste something new. And of course, then all the restaurants are trying to do, you know, plating things. So, if you've got sweet, dear, let's come up with a dish that matches. If you've got a park or a Tangy beer, let's do a plate that matches. So, everywhere you go, this is a good food destination to match off the beer destination. Absolutely. Yeah. I think the last time I was there in Denver, I went through the, the visitors bureau, and they actually have maps of all the beer Trails. They're, they're downtown and so you can walk around. You can check all the dog. And after a few places, you probably not able to walk as easy cuz the the beers are good and they are strong, but it's definitely a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The other thing about downtown Denver though is you're absolutely right. It's a walking metropolitan area. I go to a lot of cities and the downtowns are not what people would do, other than go to work and we have the 16th Street month old with free bus, transportation up and down. And so, you can dine you can go to a movie, you can go to the theater, it just is cross has everything that you want to and of course lots of places to live and lots of places to work in the heart of downtown Denver, let's take a step back for a second match for the people that aren't familiar with Denver as far as how to get there and everything like that. Let's talk about flying into the airport. So obviously Denver International is a really big airport but there's some other airports as well that are nearby there. So if you're looking at flying in I guess it's a matter of what type of activity log Going to do when you arrive there in Denver, right? Well, Denver or Dia is our major airport, it's a hub for United Airlines. It's a major hub for Southwest Georgia, but all the major carriers fly in and out of here and it is an international airport. So we have some connections that are non-stop to Paris non-stop to London non-stop to Frankfurt from here. You can get almost anything we're in the middle of the country. And so, it's interesting that from here, I can connect almost anywhere in North America, very easily. There's usually one or two stops because we're in the middle. But the point is, I don't have to worry about not getting a flight in a reasonable time, anywhere. Yeah, we also have the Colorado Springs Airport, which is a large Regional Airport. I'd compare that to Burbank over LAX. If he had Southern California Connection and it's, it's surrounded by the Air Force Academy. It's surrounded by an Air Force. Bass, so are service in Colorado. Springs is a very, very big thing. Not as many flights. Not as many carriers, it's the hub for Frontier Airlines. We also have a nice when you're going skiing from either location, you can take a commuter flight into the Aspen Airport. So you there's a shuttle bus, you can take, or if you prefer, they'll handles your skis and just fly you right into has been. And from there, you can go to Brick and you can go to all the different ski.

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