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New England, Nixon And John discussed on Sal Licata


I tell you that plan was set up because crews will come back well and sought the safety right up out of the pub which opened up the window with his own weapon thirty nine to go in the first half nine three giants first intention the New England forty seven backset the play fake to throw the ball left incomplete intended for Nixon wanted a flag on didn't come one over the top of the mayor but I'll tell you you are down a little really there they had a line of scrimmage Ammar browse all slip right through he probably could have run for the touchdown take another look at it on the replay I thought John got their fraction early and yet is he the rounds yet is he the round his waist his right arm around the key mixed waste as the ball was arriving and now the judge going to call for too many men in the huddle as a key mix really sure that's twelve actually just ran through he never even stopped so so second ten it's going to be second fifteen as the March the ball to the giants forty eight yard the giants and resolve personnel see if they can get the play in and out and get all the hold of the clock is started Nixon manning him both come in manning is to break the huddle sixteen on the plate manning him the chance to make a big play at one point they're paying a lot of tension a cruise in the slot left the Knicks this is totally submerged by patriots for no gain forty eight restaurant tomorrow the page was right they were ready for a lot of guys were.

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