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I wanted to do it. I wanted to I started writing songs start playing instruments, and I went my own way, which professionally or even financially wasn't the smart thing to do. But the other kid actors that didn't do that do either dead or there's not on drugs. Most of them only a handful like a Ron Howard. How many hours are there? Right. Right. Ron howard's. Everybody's dream kit. Acurite exactly needed out of trouble. And he was our neighbor. He lived in Burbank lived, right around the corner from him the last thing big thing that I was up for and because they didn't want to be an actor. I blew it off was happy days last time. I saw Ron Howard. I was up for the funds. And I just didn't wanna do it. When you think about it shots here. Whatever all the other guys. Look like me. I was the type they wanted not Henry Winkler. But if it wasn't for Henry Winkler, he saved the show. Right. He made it work. So it's good that I didn't make it. I mean, it'd probably enough. I've been as big as it got. Just call lightning in a bottle. Right. One of those things right guide. The right timing that had a few years on me. So he he was able to put it together and betel sharper than a younger kids like me. So that doesn't keep you up at night. And when you think you're really no it does aggravate me sometime when everybody knows a big major famous person. Golly. Smell funny going on, you know, so no. But it's just I it was my own choices. I kind of took a curve, and whatever, but that happens, but in at the same time, I've always been working one way or another the last year's a kind of took a hiatus who they call, you know, in in the television business to jump back. I'm ready now, I got we're working on a couple of TV show ideas. A couple of. Yeah. Podcast. We're gonna couple things like that. You know, we'll talk about. But I got a couple of TV shows that lady from San Diego to produce a Joe here the irons in the fire, but I'm working on getting in the studio. I got a couple of albums. They wanna do CDs. Now say, but one will be dedicated to my mom her greatest hits like that. And I remember my mom kind of an album. I remember mama type of thing some working on those kind of things, but I get an show because I missed the audience, I'm a real entertainer, and you need the audience. That's all there is to it. As far as the tribute album that kind of labor love kind of thing. Like, you know. Yes. Because you had you had a happy childhood. Never it. Yeah. Yeah. If you want to say, yeah. Absolutely. You know? It was creative. I I made a list when I got became an adult. What do I do where am I going who am I all that kind of just like a lot of people do in their eighteen or something actor director producer writer? And I said what do I do? I do. So I kind of put on thing lemon artist. And now that word is used kind of a lot. We're maybe where it doesn't belong. But that's the way I see myself. So I could do all those different things. And there's only a few people that I can happen to be people. I look up chaplain or Jerry Lewis, even though they all put those guys down. But. Barbara streisand. Not yet, they not only the singer producer the actor. They were involved in more than one hand more than one thing. But they do that. And I feel I have that ability that just really haven't had the right? Mind, right. I mean, you straight me somebody where you're acting. But you're looking at how the directors doing? You're looking the other actors doing so you're interested in all that it's not just a matter of one person. One job thing your shot at a lot of things. I sure do in any any great production and I've been involved with team. That's like a ball games at me need everybody. It's not one person. So it's that kind of thing any great show when you do a wrap and wrap partying, whether it's a fool's or some of the great movies. I was in you have a great party and feel like a little family there for a little bit. You don't you only been together? Ship was a long shot for about three months, which most movies don't are even TV shows like a couple of weeks bonanza bonanza worked a couple of days on that one. So you don't work that long, but still at the end of the project, everybody's kind of family and friends, and so yeah, I am looking at other things. But when you're it's it's like, you have to department departmental is your mind if I'm as FM an Acura few hire me as an actor. I'm just gonna concentrate about that. I don't care what the director is talking about the other guys as long as I'm in the right place hit my Mark in Dubai thing. Now, if I'm producing it, then I'm watching the whole thing. Sure, I'm still my mind is curious about all that other stuff. But I even with the red pack is back show. I was doing stuff before that show happened and documents in the newspapers model, but the thing is that it was great to be in that show because I wasn't producing it. I was just show up and be Dean Martin sing lengthy Martin. And you got a lot of people don't realize to Dean Martin because he was funny stroz curve in that show was all the jokes. People didn't expect jokes you expect the music great music and dean happen to be funny guy. So out of all the guys in that repertoire, the dean character, whether it was me doing it or anybody else was kind of funny guy outside sandy Hackett when he played Joey Bishop or the other comedians that we had were all very famous comedians. You know? We had one that was a George carlin's opening act. Great comedians in our show with us. But even so the Dean Martin character was kind of funny because he was loaded. Everybody said all these little tank, okay? What's an easy job to do? Baby. Yeah. You know, I drink. I had all day in my left hand. You are listening to the incredibly talented, Bobby male junior. We always seem like he was just having fun. Even more than the other two guys. Just having fun method. Nothing can stop them. You can't get an upset. That's really trick. And even with Martin and Lewis later, they talked about that most of the gag was between them, they don't even look at the audience. They didn't even care about the audience like them and the audience was in on the inside of a joke as like, oh, this is cooling seeing like behind the scenes thing. But it was part of the charm of it. So yeah, that's it. You know, you gotta be comfortable. And then you got to be able to deliver. It's again, it's it's a show. It's not real if it's an acting job people think it's you know, you are d Martin I have a little problem with some of the impersonators walk around thinking, they're Frank Sinatra was Presley, come on pal. Okay. It's over tech the suit off now. That kind of thing. But most of them are really good guys. And they've worked hard on. They do good. And like I felt too. I helped keep demartin in the public eye help keep Elvis in. When I was started to do as a teenager. He wasn't hip. It wasn't happening. But I kept going, and I did it my show. And now he's still one of the biggest ever. So, you know, it's funny. How things go around. But you know, it's true that you just got to be able to enjoy what you're doing. If you don't even like, the president says if you'd going to take a job on you've got to enjoy what you're doing. You have to love what you're doing. Then you're great at it. Or you could be you know, if you're going to work in its judge whether it's acting or singing, then it doesn't come out. You gotta have that thing with the band. Same thing. I just wanna make sure people understand they might be hearing a name of a movie or TV show. Kind of the Reader's Digest version you've been to Las bonanza that was huge television shows day. Some of the movies you drop in. Oh my gosh. I just so happened that I was fortunate to be really big productions all the way around television, one of the first things shower, obviously people like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis was on a great, you know, but that was the first and then, of course, television doctor killed there was one of my first shows. It was a lot that don't even remembers Slattery's people Richard krewe was the star of that. So like bonanza family affair Laredo, Honda all those kind of shows in it. I did a lot of performing on the victim show at one time the Jackie Gleason show, just like when Elvis made it the Dorsey brothers, the he gave them their slot. It was but it was still Jackie Gleason productions so the same thing they did with Vic damone, and I was on the victim show with della REEs and holiday manners. Dana dana. Yeah. So those are some of the TV things. But then the movies were the big ones were in cold blood. Finding euro Barbara Jason. Ship officials probably my biggest role on of all of them. The courtroom. Eddie's fodder. Kind of ones that weren't so famous. But now there's one that's a cult movie they tried to destroy, and it's a horrible movie. But Roddy McDowell Lou Rawls is a star in the movie. But anyway, yeah. So those big ones there's more. If I go through its way after you know, when you think about it. I started in nineteen sixty two. So that's before the Beatles in America right back with more from Bobby mayo junior.

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