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But if you can chew the defendant player control the bowl to the next base before the player, then it's an, but if the runner is there before the ball he will be used to retire. Maybe it would be a good war for that. He's taking out of he's no more runner. But it's nothing. Okay. So you you had mentioned in it. It's pretty evident from watching videos that one of the most important skills to be fast. But there's also the concept of jokers. So this is all foundational and basic stuff to you. But if you could please explain I don't know a minute. What are what are the jokers? So at the moment the number of Ciocca players in needs team tree. And most of the teams will be that they have like a two very good about her. Then, you know, the more slower guys, the strong ones and. Maybe one or and then the other way to very fos runners. So if there's on the field that you don't have any runners you put the FOSS joker player in there who has skills to make first a strike that can make him to the first base. So then you have in there or if there's a situation that the basis are full but regular play. The next player is not very good striker, then you can use your striker chokers. Instead. So it helps the coaches they have some extra exta play that they can calling whenever they needed unthank- on the street jokers. They can be used each of them can be used once in one inning. Why are they called jokers? His that an insult. No. I think even in some other games here in our own line, which the tone joker. It's the same as knowing that Cortec that joker like, I think in volleyball. You can have a extra player. Yeah. Choker is not the same. Okay. Nothing. Like that. Right, obviously when you have a smaller country, and you don't have the TV contracts. They're just financially. It's a it's a smaller business than than major league baseball. Which means there are fewer, let's say illicit incentives. But I was curious is there a history of breaking the rules. Their history of scandals in peace. Apollo is is it sufficiently big long? And I I think you have the same you had this kind of making or what is called fixed game scandal. Once we actually have. Twenty years ago, even okay, you say it's small. Yes, this mold. But when you compare it to the size of our country on the city's in here this still still something and betting in field. Mondays legal. So that there's a governmental or governmentally controlled betting agency. I'm speaking. At least for a long time on twenty years ago that was this kind of game fixing scandal. Winston cost a lot of trouble for our sport some teams by banned for many years. Larry D went down for some year. So yes, we had that kind of thing. Ago. Some people still remember for sure yes. But I think we've got an alert. Yeah. I know it took a few years in in baseball for for fans to sort of recover from the the work stoppage back in the nineties of how about how many years or months did didn't take until you saw the the popularity recover from from that scandal. Well, they're up places Phelan actually only sport in those places things continued about a stay where before, but of course, there was some talk on the streets. What happened about what happened? But in some places were teams even went to bankruptcy off that it took years many years, and we talk about science dealing a lot in American baseball, and there are signs in Pala too. But they're given by the manager with a kind of multicolored fan, it looks like a peacock tail almost can you explain how? That works and whether it's possible for the other team to decipher the signs well, for sure we try I also know I only play on the Hobie level when I used to play myself too. Of course, that's you try to do it to read it. But there are so many on how to use it that it's almost impossible. But what you do with this con- shell to run around the second base that hey now on the second strike going to do is call them Bont when you do the short one..

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