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No, it's of course, hard for me to say how the courts will rule the Supreme Court. Essentially the US Supreme Court especially essentially upheld the state Supreme Court's ruling that said, Yeah, as you mentioned if a ballot is postmark tomorrow By PM it will count as long as received by Friday, U S. Supreme Court upheld that and it seems the pattern is the U. S. Supreme Court has upheld decisions made by state courts about their own ability rules. Even though they've overturned. I'm some decisions made by federal judges on their own. But of course there is this kind of open question. There was some of the justices have kind of said, You know, we're going to let this go for now because there's not enough time between now and the election. But afterwards we may revisit it. And of course, we'll have a justice bearing on the court. Should that happen again. So Mr Shapiro has really from the outset of From his own career as a G. He was elected in 2016 alongside Mr Trump on DH. He's taken a sort of pugnacious approach to the Trump Administration. I'm really throughout his tenure, Mr Shapiro is up for re election. A CZ Well, tomorrow I'm in is facing a Republican opponent who's who's tried to say, You know, he's politicizing this office too much. I want to get backto, You know, just doing what ages air supposed to Dio. So there's there's a bit of posture. A bit of. Ah, positioning going on within his own race as well. That's kind of bound up in all of this. This is playing out. Well, that's why we have you there on the ground, knowing that, But your attorney general has also called out people who might come and try to intimidate voters. He says. We've got something for you, I think, meaning a jail cell. Is there. Concern about what? You know what might happen while given the stakes there? Yeah. I mean, I can tell you that I don't want to alarm anybody. I was here in 2016. There were a lot of similar concerns about what you know what might happen if the poles and it was a very quiet day. 2016 was a very quiet day while the voting was going on. The wheels came off afterwards, but not a lot of action going on at the Poles. It was at election court here in Allegheny County. Or Pittsburgh is and the lawyers were just like doing trivia quiz is with his father towards the end of day, just nothing happening. But there is definite concern that this might not be like that that this might be more kind of Ah, fraught environment and I can tell you they're activist groups who are going to be on hand at a lot of polling places. Just keeping an eye on things. People happen, sort of training and conflict of escalation. We'll leave it at that politics and government editor there on the ground in Pittsburgh will check that there. It's here now. Through one of the most tumultuous presidential campaigns in decades, The polls have stayed relatively static. Donald John Trump is not guilty as charged in the first particles of impeach more than 6.6 Million Americans filed for unemployment. What changed and what did during this roller coaster campaign this afternoon on all things considered from NPR News. It starts on DVD public radio at 4 30 this afternoon along with greedy news. On Jack let PR.

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