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It was the seventy Sixers and the Charlotte Hornets at the Wells Fargo center KYW's John Johnson was at the game has more Sixers overcame shooting nights defeat the Hornets one zero five to one zero three year, south Philly. Sixers play opening, but extremely sloppy over the following twenty four minutes allowing Charlotte. By two after three would come down to the closing minutes of regulation tied is ninety nine hundred JJ three with two minutes remaining. Sixers wooden look back after a shooting night. Sporadically finished four twelve I won't be twenty seven points and fourteen rebounds. Deporting from the Senator Johnson NewsRadio. It was another tough game for the flyers Saturday afternoon. KYW's Ed Benkin has a Rapa. The flyers suffered an embarrassing loss on home ice is the islanders role to a six one victory. The game was three to one in New York after two periods. But the islanders scored three third period goals to put the game away New York took a to nothing lead after one period. It would go to three nothing of Brock Nelson's go before your Leterrier scored. What would prove to be the only fires all the afternoon. The fires out shout. The islanders twenty three twenty two. But they lose their third in a row as the islanders win at six to one reporting from the center, I'm Ed Benkin, KYW, NewsRadio the college football scoreboard. Is sponsored by ocean resorts casino have a ball and stayed edged Saturday night thirty to twenty four Penn beat Brown Saturday afternoon. Thirteen seven in New Hampshire. Walloped Villanova thirty four nothing NFL football Sunday morning. It's the eagles and Jaguars live from London's Wembley stadium Jaguars quarterback. Blake Bortles who was bench last week has a history of playing well in London in his last three games. He is thrown for eight touchdowns and only has one interception. Kick off his scheduled for nine thirty Sunday morning from sports radio ninety four WIP RJ McCain for KYW NewsRadio. The university of Pennsylvania's online master of healthcare innovation addresses the rapidly changing healthcare landscape by.

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