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Which is a big part of their offense. A couple of things that I wanna point out. So this guy, Alex Okafor. Does it fantastic job? He's. Saying the naked. He's going to come up field in force. He goes the Rams are gonna run naked your I'm gonna make sure that Jared Goff cannot get outside of me. So it's a beautiful job by him on defense two things. I want to point out on offense. So Tyler higby the tight end right here. His job his job is to come down cell run. And if he realizes that somebody goes outside of him, which is Alex Okafor. You've got to keep your quarterback in answer. So his job is to down and breakout your quarterback option, but I love this. Jared goff's is you tell quarterbacks all the time. Gary kubiak used to tell us all the time and we run naked. No your problem before the snap. Jared Goff is in the middle of a fake. But yet he's looking at Alto Kuffour knowing that was going to be a problem for me. My problem. I gotta get my head around. This is going to be a bad plate. And then the awareness. That flip is hits. People don't understand. This is something quarterbacks do hundreds of times for this one moment, this quick clip at your how hard it is then to spot your receiver. No, okay. Here comes two hundred and eighty pounds at my chest into my sternum to start this drive, but I'm gonna make that throat to Tyler higby beautiful job of understanding your problem. He'd be given an answer we go first down this get some more yards. It's a loss. Second and thirteen. Let's run another naked. How about Cam Jordan here? We're gonna look at Cam, Jordan. I don't care what you guys are doing. I'm going to split your blocked by the tight end and blow this playoff, but Jared goff's awareness again, he sees Cam Jordan going. I've got a problem before the snap. Make sure is around. Listen, Kim, Jordan is about three hundred pounds. I've been with Jared Goff in a locker room practice. You're not go two hundred and five thousand and his body. Looks like a fourteen year old swimmers. He's not ready to having three hundred pound man enough to take him down to the ground. But the awareness. They get that ball out of his hands to nose problems. And then the guts to make that throw that is not an easy throat. When you've got three hundred pound dude, yanking your left. Shoulder down because that Bulkin flutter Jared Goff answered so many questions the environment handling that overtime drive with two throws at people may not think are big deal, but they were huge. Yeah. Down thirteen after the first quarter Todd Gurley. Three snaps in the third. He had to play a big game to get the win. All right coming up next on get up. Stephen Smith is coming in the studio, obviously, he's going to have a comment on the no call, obviously, he will express its opinion in a very, calm fashion. I'm back in listening..

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