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The Rick and Bubba show. Eight six six we be big is the number. So we we have we have things down the program. Obviously, another charity charge for you today. We'll check for from last week. But so I went and got the the electronic whistle out of the truck, and I will tell you. There's three different settings on this whistle. Two of them are just unacceptable. One of them is you mean? It's a different sound. So do you want me to go worst to best? Yes. All right here. Here's here's here's here's this is replacing the whistle that you. I'm showing this on on Blake Steve Allen. How you describe this thing? It's. Flashlight or something? So it looks like. And you just press this button. And there's three different sounds of whistles and this one to me does could no way. Could I tell people to stop or run? Okay. See? Stars for each other phone. I bet you every dog in the house. Then there's that then here's to. So this is setting number two. Sounds like. Now like a bird, and then then then here's one that actually use. Rick. I'm. In my mind. You didn't go from worst debate. You can't tell me that I'm playing it. I'm going to hear that in stop. Hey. Greg Greg Greg the question in the break. And I gotta ask you live. Does your dad know now he didn't know because I want him to talk to me. Please. Let me be there when you show him. Now, I want to have a relationship with the kids here. Yeah. Rick. That's like somebody. It's like a bird with a sore throat. This is unacceptable until I go get by another. What's what's? Would you mind? I think I've got some extra wins in an old bag has never been written. In your mouth. It's as you said Hombre. I won't teach you, but you gotta have a whistle in your mouth. Greg. Greg can't even here. How long have gone to? I plan on getting another whistle. I just don't this is I don't have a whistle. That works in my mouth right now. Without it being a problem. That was a good idea. I mean, I'd rather you have an air horn and blow it I thought it was lav alert. But by the way. Trying to move into the high tech world. You can't replace a good west. Now it needs to sound like a whistle. That's the problem. If it sounded like a regular whistle. I guess we could live with it. No, I don't like that was there's like some type of stopping. Laser tag. Yes. That's it bubble. I get I get online. Get online got to get out lots on James direction on the westwards. What about the wisdom you go? Can you do that with? They hate change direction on the worst. They hate Lima. I let's go. Let's go. Let's go running place around plays backup backup. I got. Ron Ron Ron. Hey, Fletcher Fletcher is that moving your fate. Fletcher. You have. Nobody knows who I'm gonna tell you my dad. I could oh boy I would love the we've got new sound about that too. For you. I will bring us that's a day. It'll be thrown away. I'll bring you to dance. And then what do you think about this? Wouldn't you love to head this when you were coaching? What if I if I waited all the way to route four he was inducted into the hall of fame said route for you go up I want to think about this. Everybody says like the easy bake ovens done when rigs on several this is what I use. Just like I. Not. So this. Telephoned sack. One aim even a whistle. The second one, I don't know what. On world. I guess I was thinking. There's like somebody out in the security door. It sounds like a whistle at all or hard drive. Just locked up. That does sound like a little bit. I like it better though. Hussein. But it does sound like this is Katie. With a sore throat guys at summertime sun's going down. Mike. I'm all about this. I'm not all about this coach. Whistle. You know, you can't do it. Without that is. It is. Yeah. Yeah. About I Greg Austin a bad play. Hey, guys. Right. I stop turn the ball back up here. They didn't do it doesn't do. They even respond to that. They respond to me, but not to this. Now, you can't take it and put it behind your back when you get down to show somebody how to come off the ball. Now. You're right. I can't tuck it in my shirt now would like to come up behind somebody and scare them with that would scare not loud enough today today. So here's what they do today. When I heard you do it out of the way. So you gotta understand this is that. Yeah. Sure. I guess you don't have a light. That the person that's really good. And Star Trek. Great. Some somebody's not moving on office, by the way you. What did you hate to stand around? Okay. Let me tell you. What the difference largest people? Don't move, right. Chef in the wrong direction, period. Great. If I put you into varsity gang, you'll be total show. Rickie? No, I like hot tech toys. But I I just I don't know. This is not a spill. One day in all about this one day, they master this. But they're not there yet. Just make it sound exactly. He's make really good whistles thirty good brass which you can blow it brass. And you find a good one a good whistle. Yeah. I ask a good restaurant. The little court mall in it. That's what like to. I don't like the civil ones because they get. Paints you live that that? That's why. Type. Mike that low rubber covered. With the rubber covering, but then that was. But today for someone shot lock them into this. To be able to swing it around your fingers. So calls call. Now, you may have some. Whatever referee tried to use that during the football. You ain't going to stop. How about this? If I was the referee that blew the saints Carl would say, I had one of these nobody. I heard it. What are the Rams doing on the Super Bowl? I. Get back. Even even in a pro game. You can hear the whistle. Yeah. I had to convince myself who acceptable. Whatever shoulder. Gesture it was me say what should have been. Heads up for me when the guy who gave it to me isn't using his.

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