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Or there's going to be a jurisdiction that doesn't have letting. So there's always a way around it in this particular case, it happened in California, and I don't necessarily want to blame California because I do think that California. And in particular, the executive director of the California said let mission any foster they are the gold standard. They really are. I did reach out to Andy foster and asked him what he thought of it and asked him if he regretted licensing, Chuck, I've not heard back from him. That may mean a million different things. But I do wonder if you regrets it. Yeah. And I do wonder if you have now it's very easy to do in hindsight. Yeah. Leading into the fight. I didn't think that there was much griping. In fact, I saw much more griping about Israel out of Sonya and Anderson Silva, then I saw about chocolate del not is that because it's young old. And in this case, it was a this is what we were presented. But in actuality, it was actually Tito was here, and Chuck was here. Unfortunately, okay. This is a very nice segue on your part. I wasn't planning on getting to. But, but let's just get into it here for sure I am surprised at the outrage over that fight. I'm a little bit surprised. But I think I think there's a tendency in this happens a lot and we actually talked about this two weeks ago. Interestingly enough when a high level grappler or a high level striker comes in to 'em from their sport. There's a tendency to overestimate to over inflate their talent and think that they are so dangerous that they cannot be stopped at the are inhuman in terms of what their ability is. And I think that is happening with Israel Sana, amazing striker one clearly one of the top strikers that exists in the UFC, but let's be real here. Anderson Silva is not going to die is not going to everyone. It's an overestimation. It is it is this tendency to Israel Tucson is. Now, the greatest striker who's ever lived. He's going to murder Anderson. So of a it's not the reality of of what's going to happen. Certainly, I think Israel Tucson is gonna style on Anderson Silva, I think he's gonna make that one look easy. He's not in any mortal danger. It's a fight Anderson. Silva's going to be fine. I don't think it's I don't think it's something to be up in arms about I think it's a fight. But yeah, Israel is going to be a big favourite. And he's gonna win that fight. It's not it's not any more than that. It's not any bigger deal than that. Interesting. So is older and will be fun. I'm very. Befuddled by the reaction. Sure. Because this is the fight game. This sort of thing this exact thing happens time, and again, not only in may, not only boxing. It's like wrestling wanna one. What happened there? It's like it's like it's like pro wrestling one on the way out on the way out young guy goes over now in this case, they can't script it. But like this is not the I mean, no, by the way, this isn't a year versus BJ. I think this is significantly less. Yes. Offensive as a matchup than that was. I was so what would people prefer because I even by the way, not for nothing and Silva while he has been for a bit. It will be two years in between fights. Yeah. He is coming off a win. Now. I thought it was a potential and and I thought Derek Brunson deserve to win. But he is coming off a win. Yeah. So. And not over like a bum. No, Derek Brunson is the last guy that Israel and at that point. He was on. He was on a massive streak. Yeah. So I don't know. I'm surprised like that's what the fight game is all about the guy and Israel. How old is Israel, by the way. He's not that young. No. He's in his late twenties. He hasn't hit thirty yet. No. I don't think. So let's see here's twenty nine his thank you. So he's turning thirty July. Yeah. He's not the twenty one year old pup that that's coming in to slaughter. My I don't have an objection. What the fight my big gripe with the fight is that it doesn't do anything for Israel Tucson yet..

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