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We get more from KYWZ Ed Bankin lane. Johnson was happened to be back with seem eight but omitted it was strange not lining up with Brandon Brooks who continues recover from an injury. During all season saw saw him the lobby is different. Having my way man out there. We live save. I did miss Brooks tour his achilles in the playoff loss to the saints. But Johnson is optimism Brooks. We'll be back at the start of the season with the eagles. I'm Ed Benkin, KYW NewsRadio LA's wrap up their series with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Tonight at citizens Bank park fills lost the opener of this three game series on Monday thirteen to eight but bounce back the pick up a seven four win last night. Jake Arrieta improved to six and five last night. With six solid innings of work, you'll out three runs on six hits and he was able to overcome four wall. The biggest things. Better with the walks. Limit the walks foresee issue early on tonight, the Phillies give the bottle right handers. Zach f lineage six five two point eight year. Already last time out. He came off the injured list and beat the reds allowing just one earned run and six and a third innings. Arizona counters with a rookie right hander named Merrill, Kelly is six and six zero four point one two Phillies thirty, eight and twenty nine they continue to be tied for first in the National League east with those Atlanta Braves. Tonight's game with the Arizona Diamondbacks gets underway at seventy five in south Philadelphia soccer Philadelphia union open play in the US open Cup tonight. Jim curtains squad with a fourth round road matchup with DC United Suzanne Manley on sports. It's ten thirty.

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