Molly's Back In Therapy


All right we are back again sooner than expected. We thought we might have a week all, but clearly the raiders. Player. Kerry Washington. Is it possible that each week. It's better than a landslide. I don't know I just. Hung all to each other at all that. Lovely energy more run just converges. To the most amazing episodes. Yes, yes, I, don't know I need to kind of go back and read the see what other things I feel like. Maybe carry head also directed some episodes of scandal. I'm not sure but definitely she did a beautiful job with this episode, and it was her first time missing this, and if I go back in every search and find out this was her first foray into directing like Natasha was last week. I mean clearly they the more high. One and maybe get into that, but they you know they don't mean habit I can't achieve. Some youtube videos we go, just you know. Start right here. Start in our own bandwidth. So we see the scene opened up now. Tell me if I was alone in thinking that. This was a dream sequence. You are not alone budget. People say they thought it was a dream sequence. I'm member. Sydney hoping that it was. Right so from the bed. They totally like Nick's all of our predictions from last week. Because we all thought this was a closure getting together, we didn't. See them back together and they let us know very early on that. We were all. Well Okay Yes, I don't even know how long it has been probably not very long since we last. Lawrence Easter together missile. Now it is basically like they are spending tons of their free time together. But what I liked that saw like despite the fact that you know, I have not this team. You're not team larvae, so not really. I'm Isa uh-huh. But. What I really did enjoy seeing is that they have the computer side by side. He working you, they can. Look like they finally found this space where they are able to sort of be in space with one another enjoy each other joke with each other love on. And at the same time work with each other and that was that was just beautiful love sequence, and how much needed it until I? It yeah, it felt like a perfect continuation, even though he didn't expect it. It felt like a very perfect continuation of last week's episode. I mean I couldn't even be mad. Yeah! I couldn't I was like okay. Okay I see where you're trying to go with this, but. They have clearly really just fall into this very comfortable space with one another ride. It really does feel like they kind of picked up where they left off. And, even more than that just like. Their own able to show up. In a way that maybe they had not been able to show up previously. So like just you know, she's herself. She's the. She's the the improvements that she's been able to make. Since they broke up that same Same love the drive the passion all of that now. Lawrence gets to experience it in a completely different way than where they were before is she also gets experienced him differently because he has driving purpose and desire in the work that he is doing. yes, they are unlikely, said last week very different places we do see kind of towards the end of this scene. This very awkward Kinda. You know combat to use as more at our moments. This very awkward conversation about. What. What's going on here? What are we you know? Then she kinda throws canola into the mix like okay. What's upper that the will your thoughts about that? I like the she was asking questions I, think sometimes we can very easily move into assumptions with somebody because we sleeping together or hanging out together that Oh, it must mean that we are both exclusive with one another as opposed to having the conversation leading be awkward. Be That space just so that you know exactly where it is that you say because we can't move can't continue to move into a space where we make assumptions about our standing in his life, and how it is that they are interacting with others based on their interaction with

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