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I seventy five north the state with fifty near mile marker three oh six causeway boulevard remains closed, with railroad crossing. Parents east fiftieth street continue to use palm. River road Madison Avenue and Adamo drive instead they cleared, an earlier accident from Roosevelt Dr, king street have a minor accident, in turn lane, westbound on twenty second avenue south of thirty four street we're up to. Speed on our expressways and bridges daisy ash stadium, nine seventy seven Sixty percent chance of. Late day thunderstorms highs today of ninety two, it's seventy six degrees at NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a news. Is a service of freedom heating and cooling Adam Putnam was the anointed candidate to be the Republican nominee for governor now he's encouraging supporters to back his rival congressman Ron to. Santa's who. Trounced Putnam might. Twenty. Points in Tuesday's primary also let him know that. I, would be happy to help him do. Any and. Everything that we can do to rally behind his campaign to be. Successful in November he's a veteran he's a solid conservative and he will need our help in November two Santa's. Be. Putnam fifty six to thirty six percent to Santa spoke to supporters in, Orlando where he gave his victory speech after last night's big. Primary win I've been willing to take the tough. Stands the principal positions even when it was detrimental to me politically I had, more money spent negative on. Me than all the other candidates in the race. Combined, governor on? Both sides of The aisle but that's fine I'm, willing to stand. Up because I know standing up for the people of Florida is the. Right thing to do this added his entire campaign turned around after an endorsement from President Trump essentially knocking Putnam. Out of the race Putnam was an early critic of Trump on the democratic side he was pulling in fourth place but he had the support of progressives and anti-trump activist. Tom Steiner and, George Soros and his, get out the vote efforts in Florida's biggest counties helped Andrew gillum make, history as the first black nominee for governor Gillam wasted no time, following his unexpected primary victory laying out his platform for his supporters. And those he will work to win over, he doubled down on one of his pledges for Florida's public. Schools is our belief that our public education system our public tax dollars ought to be, used for the public education system Educating the perceived Democratic Front runner, Gwen Graham is. Now urging supporters to back the winner and now we must all put all of our efforts behind Andrew gillum and. Make sure that we do everything we can to have him elected governor on November six twenty eighteen to make. Sure we do every thing we can took a narrow lead. Over Graham thirty four to thirty, one percent even though the battles been going on for, months the race for US Senate is now official. Florida Senator Bill Nelson a democrat I elected to the Senate in two thousand is now officially being challenged by the states outgoing Republican governor Rick Scott Scott won the GOP nomination with ease Nelson, has enjoyed a reputation as a moderate but. Has vocally opposed policies of the Trump administration Scott however was one of the president's early supporters and organizers like, the president Scott's gubernatorial win in two thousand ten as a tea party He candidate with a business background was a political upset in Miami Eban Brown NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a, meanwhile voters seem to be very engaged in the primary election as primary elections go turnout was high for this primary election day turnout in Pasco county for instance was forty percent in fact Pasco election supervisor Brian corley says that's forty percent of all the votes cast in the county with pre, election vote by mail and early voting at sixty. Percent corley says that's what it was in the two thousand sixteen, general election, which proves he says that voters continue to take advantage of early voting and mail in, ballots, meantime, in, Hillsborough election, day turnout was thirty four percent and thirty percent in Pinellas county Sharon Parker NewsRadio, nine seventy WFL a law firm of Morgan and. Morgan, wasting, no time taking legal action in the wake of the deadly mass shooting at a video game tournament several victims of Sunday's shooting That. Left two dead and at least ten injured have retained a law firm that announced, yesterday it's intent. To file a negligence lawsuit against organizers of the Madden gaming event. Business as usual on the security front will no longer be tolerated by Americans dirty Matt, Morgan police, say the shooter. Opened fire, after losing in. The gaming your pant he later killed himself Maryland court records also show that he was twice hospitalized in psychiatric facilities as a youth Jeff monosso. Fox News, the death toll from hurricane Maria Puerto Rico has jumped from, sixty four to nearly three thousand people who I spoke to about the duct toll don't even think twenty nine seventy five is the accurate number by the way there is a potential. That the number is higher there is a potential that if the university were to another study they may find other deaths David Begnaud reporting the new number came after an extensive. Study by George Washington unit Versity it's.

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