Vince Ellison, Darrell Scott, Geraldo Rivera discussed on Sean Hannity


Right as we continue to hold our gas we have Geraldo Rivera Vince Ellison and pass to Darrell Scott with us although you know you're looking at this too okay you we don't wear only arresting kids that are minorities from marijuana really and we're putting every cop only a minority neighborhoods you know and I know in New York there are kids from all backgrounds if you disagree tell me usually socio economic related that are that are doing the stuff we gotta go after every kid that is is is in trouble you go with a higher concentration of crime is but you don't ignore everyone else you just go after one race because that's what he's saying here well to me were Bloomberg biggest sin Sean is not that he used stop and frisk gore will a tactic that impacted one particular community more harshly than others the problem with Bloomberg is he's a hypocrite that he endorsed these policy that took people like me with them I ray Kelly has terrific at police commissioner we watched crime drop in New York and then however when he wanted to run in that area we are demographically that didn't play as well the plate in New York City although I don't get back on its history and changing it find that the thing that bugs me but he does that he said of his conviction he said police stop white people too much of minorities tool little but he said he put all the cops in in minority neighborhoods now Donald Trump said that whole although game over yes Sir now well I agree with pastor Scott that president trump has now taken a brilliant turn in a way they with full disclosure as embrace the African American and Latino communities all right away about this employment boom and the fact that in minority unemployment is at historic lows Donald Trump that's a second argument that resonate that he's the true civil rights leader not Bloomberg that trumps well right let's get that on the other side of the break we're going to hold you guys over because this is too important discussion and we're expanding it out more thorough although Vince and pastor Scott on the other side as we continue our in New Hampshire it is primary day full coverage on Hannity tonight at nine from New Hampshire quick break right back we'll continue reporter you Hampshire primary one senator Bernie Sanders has declared victory in new Hampshire's presidential primary topping moderate rival people to judge with ninety seven percent of precincts reporting center says twenty five percent of the world's not far behind in second place is bullet judge with twenty four percent in the clover shores and third with nineteen percent meanwhile was with Warren had a difficult night with only nine percent of the vote but a better judge addressed supporters saying there is too much at stake get involved in the selection we cannot afford to miss the mark or to miss this moment we must get this right with Americans living under an unaccountable president who will cut taxes for corporations and then cut Medicare Medicaid and social security for the rest of us we must get this right immigrants at the bottom Michael Bennett number Yang announce they are suspending their campaign finally Francis finding great candidates to hire can be like well trying to find a needle in a haystack sure you can post your job to some job board but then all you can do is hope the right person comes along which is why you should try ziprecruiter for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash search zip recruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you it finds them for you it's powerful technology identifies people with the right experience and actively invites them to apply to your job you get qualified candidates fast so while other companies might deliver a lot of hay zip recruiter find you what you're looking for a needle in the haystack see why four out of five employers to post a job on ziprecruiter get a quality candidates within the first day ziprecruiter the smartest.

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