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Games and our odu fans never missed a game versus tech the great saw on your hope was coaching and gary blair and leon bar more were assistance marianne stanley was our head coach and with that we want to welcome into the show marianne stanley who is currently in the system for the washington mystics but was the head coach at the time and maryanne thank you so much for joining us that was one of and starts on the law tech odu rive re that's how far back your relationship with an goals take us back to your first time meeting the six foot eight legend and kind of the different places along your career that u n n were able to work together oathtaking china for aiding meter being kissed him i couldn't be more pleased you're recognizing and then in this way and you know shedding some light on her career person that she too was and just how much of an impact you sat on our game i was old dominion for ten years and we recruited and donovan bob always there she came in as a freshman after we want our first national championship so england this and and on a room nancy lieberman android top man jan they always guys were there already and anton for a asian just loved you know the school of the team fans in the atmosphere and joined us for what turned out to be our second national championship team and nineteen seventy nine eighty so she missed the first one but made the second one and you know and at that time was just a gambling you know teenager you mentioned she's six eight but she weighed probably about one hundred and sixty five pounds if you can imagine so wow you know she was really esteem being and at that time you know she used to wear knee braces on both knees because they hadn't early developed techniques or that kind of player mean she was an anomaly and he's six eight players of the there was some six fives and you mentioned one of them or of our big on its janice lawrence at within attack and yes dennis rodman sisters debra rodman by the way it was found the most physical players you could ever have but you know i did not know that yeah when she said when she sent that note and then the question mark i was like who i had no idea then this robin sister plays a lot tech yep wow and he actually read it sure with the lawn of his successor she's a couple of years older and obviously they you know they went out you know as brothers and sisters who won four creditor with he's out of him how to be here says a rebound or so they'll figure but you know an old dominion at a time when w was in his heyday you know we were in a terrific stretch again having won a championship and wanting to continue that and you know and she said again a skinny little freshman but with a huge i mean the thing about him is she never backed down from a challenge she didn't back away from anything that we asked for and you know she ended up being a pivotal person you know for that second championship and beyond and then of course for continuing beyond folic and into you know her pro real overseas and the olympics and everything she is has cheated more i think than any single person has ever achieved at old dominion university in terms of their athletic careers and mind you you know you got nancy lieberman in the fold you get england this and in the full you got who's patel who was a player from canada played on their national olympic teams year stan trump i could go on and on you know so that time she came in and and you.

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