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Dental Hacks Greatest Hits: Endo Strikes Back! (DHP293)


Three of the dental podcast. My Name Is Alan. Meade and I am flying solo on this episode. Actually this is one of the weirdest episodes ever Were doing a greatest hits episode. Because I've run into a little bit of a problem If you've been watching the news lately My little town of Midland Michigan had a bunch of flooding and a couple dams broke in bed stuff. So here's the deal Jason. I couldn't get together. I actually was able to get this recording gear but I actually had to walk over a bridge that was covered in water to check to see if my house was still intact. So I'm just kind of according to on the fly we're GONNA do a greatest hits. We'll be back next week That actually just got the news today. That Michigan is gonNA open up for Dentistry. And actually to so. There'll be lots to talk about. I will tell you all about this flood probably in Adel Hack Short next week but I thought we would go back to the brain trust that we did right before we started the clinical hacks podcast where three clinical hacks join me to talk about ended onyx and how they do all of them are really good to have great Great suggestions to good podcast and we will catch you guys next week. Sorry for inconvenience but Sometimes life happens so stay safe out there. And we'll talk to you. This is the dental hacks. Podcast podcast created by dentists for dentists. Now sit back relax. You're about to be hacked. Elo Dental nation and welcome to episode two hundred and twenty three. The dental. My name is Elon. Meet Jacob Mother J. LIVES. You sound really good tonight. You'll get yeah you sound. Excellent sounds like it. Sounds like you've got a really nice microphone in front of you and I can't. I can't lounge around the bed anymore. I have to sit up. Sit Upright. I've it's been my dream for two years that you weren't holding onto the microphone so I wouldn't have to edit the hand. Sounds love my hands out of the that sounded way hotter that I meant it to actually. So so Jason. We have another exciting thing going on tonight. We have start to finish braintrust and in a second I will introduce our panel of brilliant that do endo that is. That's the topic we're talking about general practitioners at do Endo but I. I wanted to talk a little bit about why I wanted to talk about this You had mentioned on maybe a show or to back the you're looking at because you're you're different practice and you're looking at bringing endo back because bringing endo back it sounds like it just-in-time bringing endo back but like you hadn't really done a lot of endo in your your other practices and you feel like it's something you WanNa add back. Intel's a little bit about that and that I don't and I've tried many times to convince people that I suck and they don't believe me so here here yet. Again is another episode. Where I'd try to convince you that I actually do suck and I don't do these things and I don't have the competence to get in and do it. So so what like in you? Why do you WANNA bring it back in wide? You WanNa Start. Doing more is just that that there's a lot to be done and it's hard to refer or is it. Just you feel like it's something I don't know what. Tell me about that but my previous office. When that I sold in June had entered Donna really close friend and mentor and it was just so easy just to have an Indo up and be like. Oh I'll send your doctor goes. Don't worry about it in the great job. Everybody loved him so I mean it was just if the Indo came up I knew that he was gonNA deal good job. He was very friendly to me. And then we had great conversations about patients of talking about What needs to be done with them? And I think everything he did was appropriate so it just was too easy and then I moved to the new office. That don't necessarily I've got some very good people That do endo some great guys around. And that are very easy to work with But does not does not the same type of relationship that I had and a this new office. You're starting to look at the dollars. A little bit more and noticed the production is not quite which you needed. Be So you start to look at these things a little bit more saying. Hey you know we can keep us more in office and young gets endo is a really profitable done well and done. Efficiently does a really profit profitable procedure to and I mean like I think a lot of a lot of Endo is is well done in house. I don't know what the stats are. But there's a ton of endo done by general too so without let before we even dive in an e for. Let's just introduce our panel. We have with US. Three general dentists that do quite a bit of endo according to themselves. And frankly I've seen some of their work before two where they'll post it on on the dental hacks nation or wherever we have first we have. Doctors Zachary Minor Zach. How you doing what is up. Russ Hey I'm glad you're on here. You're an Endo Guy I do. I like it. Yeah I have something wrong with me. I know you like you. You kind of prefer endo to other stuff. That's like that's even going as it's not just that you do. Endo Hewlett kind of like it is that right. I I really genuine considered being ended honest and I wish I did more than I do. Now your brother. Yes you're I am. I am also with us. Another Endo Guy Doctor Mack Jones Mack. How you doing? I'm doing well. Hello dental lacks nation. And let me just go and apologize for everything you're about to hear. Yeah I like the just the getting that out there getting out. There below expectations are part of the dental. They've kind of a apparently I. I read on a facebook page earlier. Called the DP are I. Don't know a deep. Er stands for but apparently were good podcast but you need to fast forward through the fluff at the beginning of the episode so apparently this would probably be the fluff. At the beginning the episodes you can fast forward this Dick. Sorry I don't know who wrote that but I'll I'll put a screen after. Don't you talk about our fluffer? Lovers before does love is important to me. So Mac you also your your scope user to if I'm not mistaken is a yeah. So so that's we'll talk a little bit about that too. That's an interesting thing last but certainly not least we also have with US another General Dennis. That does quite a bit of Endo and he's shown quite a bit of it on the interwebs that I've seen Dr Kevin Fryer Kevin how you doing. Hello HEX nation. I'm doing great. Kevin has a cold. I do have a cold and I feel like I sound a little sexy tonight. Well given up too much. It's it's pretty hot. Which are doing their Kevin. I thought it was to ruin agrawal on here for a split so so basically we have Three general dentists with us. Jason that do endo I do endo. I'd like to do it better. I don't do it very well and I have because like you said I have a really. I have a good referral network I generally don't if it's a challenge I send it out. I'm kind of a worst that way. I'd like to do better at it. I I have all the Armenteros just I just am kind of looks. So why don't we go through the three guys that are here and just tell us you know Zach pretty much gushed about how much he likes? Mac will tell me about your Endo Endo Habits you like you do quite a bit of it and you kind of think you're kind of like Zach. You're you do more because that right. I do and I enjoy finish the day doing a number four this afternoon. what I hate about. It is doing in a general dentist office and having to get up for the hygiene checks and Answering questions and it's just got if I could just sit down and for an hour and a half just have to to myself like the ended honesty like Ibn Heaven. That's interesting we should look back on it. That's actually really good. That's a really good point. Kevin Tell in go and actually sorry macura and a little bit more of a not necessarily rural area but a more rural hyper very in North Carolina. Are there specialists around you or do you have access to too great number of specialists? So that's kind of one of the reasons I got more into it We've got two offices and they're both about thirty minutes from the nearest quote unquote city. And we have one extra to into practices there One Solo Guy. One group practice in. And that's IT and So for any of my patients if they live there it's a thirty minute draw but we have so many patients that may live an hour in the other direction that come to see us. There'd be another thirty minutes for the drop to the ended honest So we had people you know extracting teeth rather than going to see the specialist and it was just kind of a mess so I just Kinda you know about five or six years ago made a commitment just to to get better at it interesting. I can tell tell us but you I mean 'cause you do a lot of restorative. You do a lot. I mean you're Sarah Guy but you also do quite a bit endo that I I mean I I know you because I've seen a bunch you put a bunch of cases on the facebook tells about that well. I think Early on in my career. I I really made it a point to to learn it. 'cause my my patients you know needed it wanted in It's the same thing with referring anything out. There would rather you do it. I don't think I really had the skills early on so I thought You know continuing your education in that in that arena and I really liked doing it It's become more and more efficient over time and really a practice builder and profitable and it kind of goes hand in hand with the Sarah You know when we get into this a little bit later but there's a lot of them that I to staff and the second visit is operation. Then doing this Eric. On and finishing up the case in about two visits so I think it's it's interesting because it's too. It's too visit deal but you're actually sort of. You're sort of backloading the restorative aspect on the second. Visit the second. Yeah that's interesting all right so I'm going to run through. I my C E in Endo has been kind of. I've been sort of all over place. I took Interesting I kit. Weather's died last week. I don't know if you guys knew this all a and I I took I took kit. Weather's course not once but twice. Actually I went down to Griffin Georgia and took his course in in it was good but it was only things were honestly. It's geared me more than like. I just didn't know enough to I tried. I tried to stuff I bought. He had his His original Indo magic system had about fifty files got the most complicated like it had a lot of files what I remember in..

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