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Hurricanes and hazardous chemicals can be an explosive combination


In twenty seventeen Hurricane Harvey soaked Houston with record-setting downpours. At the nearby Arkham Arkansas chemical plant flooding knocked out the power and disabled Refrigeration Systems. That were Cooling Hazardous Chemicals. The chemicals decomposed and combusted and the trailers where they were stored caught fire more than two hundred nearby residents were evacuated for an entire week. Susan Annenberg is with George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public Health. She says climate change causes extreme weather to grow more common similar incidents. Become more likely. This is a really under studied problem that is growing and potentially disastrous and future in recent research Annenberg identified. Almost nine hundred highly hazardous chemical facilities within fifty miles of the Gulf Coast. A region likely to see more dangerous hurricanes. She found that more than four million people live close enough to one of those facilities to potentially need evacuation during a disaster. She says stronger. Regulations can help reduce the of dangerous incidents with proper planning and infrastructure and management. They are preventable.

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