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Always music the music I, and and the the videos were usually. They were never my idea like I R. I would have like a vague. Well. Can we do something? Like this, but the early videos will mostly definitely not me. They were this wonderful pain from back who were students at the time and went on to become really big deals in the film industry in CONNEC, after they had done all those videos. I mean they didn't just work with me. I was the first one they worked with because interestingly enough. I have been. Someone who has worked? With video directors. I was like the first. Video that they did as video director who went on to become a huge huge. Lake What the heck was name that Oh God that Film Not Sunshine of. the I can't remember the name of it Valerie. Valerie Drayton and Jonathan something. I can't think of their names. This is embarrassing, but they became really big directors in Hollywood. And and went on to do huge videos with like you know the smashing Pumpkins, and all kinds of Hughes won all kinds of awards. Oh. Valerie Farris and Jonathan Dayton or Drayton I think that was her name. Anyway so them and then also another guy. Me and my memory I. Tell You I can't think of his name, but he became huge video director. He worked a lot with Marilyn Manson..

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