Prime Minister, Hallelujah Luli, Simeon Mulatu discussed on Global News Podcast


There are hopes that this new prime minister will help heal some of the ethnic another divisions the political analyst hallelujah luli says a new approach is definitely needed we just can't continue suppressing and repressing listening for presentation and autonomy creating a generation that can read and write that can articulate political demands that's political conscious so unless the government adjust itself to this reality will be in trouble back evangelical church simeon mulatu believes that hearing is religion can be a source of healing of comfort rather than a divider of society the ethnic divisions are sometimes a big challenge in the country which has different people groups but i think our faith and religion has helped to stay united to some extent of course the challenge skin there frank gardner the north korean leader kim jong earn has attended a groundbreaking pop concert in pyongyang featuring south korean stars the official news agency in seoul yonhap says mr kim is the first north korean leader to attend a performance by an artistic group from the south is included one of the biggest k pop groups red velvet and as duncan kennedy reports the show is the latest in a series of conciliatory gestures marking apparent floor in relations between north and south.

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