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You can come in at rush the okay but i would say that i know hot summer nights joe and we're especially these overnights together will hear about all these shootings everything there's always grayson's gone even the one benefit of a bunch of insane rain is usually even the criminals alike man bray am i going out tonight in starts out there it hasn't stopped but it is in the past week the problems tonight which is an you know the police get other things they like to do like oh people out and down at given the russia got all the festival's now downtown they're starting block off streets to get things ready for lallah palooza is that this weekend sex week they're not going to prepare for it out but there were they got the not all ready to go they got the wet grass mud ready to go yet his need hundred thousand people to fill the rights spurted around exactly right now or balbo dry between columbus and lake is closed until october ten for digital closures will be gradually implemented through monday july thirty io lower palooza taking place for um august third through sunday the sixth room so the flooding that's going on yeah about this role size of north eyelid welton west andy okay right off the fox river medal live read a thatcher but it's right here right there in our town you got your house but other you tell you what you get your house boat over there you can drive down a street right now that his just asked about it's just about even was enriches and stuff well and did i hear you talking about that earlier tonight with there's flooding bloviate it's we've had stories in the news about it i had heard that you know the river i think cress or you know it's it's it's flood levels about nine half feet yeah and we're there and now they're saying that later this week could get up to thirteen and a half feet that's not good no that's just simple math right there that's i go it'd be good for realtors they could probably go round singer have some water front property for him they could that there's a lot of people.

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