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And ties the game 22. Soft at center ice. We're all even at two apiece. Air Force will win this tap and cook as it wraps it around behind the net. Picked up by Bentley deep in the chip out of there. By Ethan Harrison to Van Row boys and hold the phone. We got a whistle. We got a penalty behind the play. It's going to be an interference call. They're going to get Marshall Valerie. That is their forces coming out of its own and trying to get out. Valerie called for interference right down in front of us. He goes to the box for two minutes third penalty of this game. Hold on air Force Bentley over to tonight on the power play 10 48 left in the third. We're tied two Falcons need dig in right here. Can't we just scored there feeling pretty good right now? They got some momentum and they got the power play. He's up in front of shilling back to the blue line. It goes. This is Novak drifting there finds Lombard dozy. He will shoot saved by Schilling picked it in behind the net, picked up back there by Bentley. But take away by air force and they were able to rule Send it out of there. Lombard does he tried to keep it in at the blue line, it got past him. Back skate into his own and long past and he's got a man out there. That's the font take comes in shot saved by Schilling just got a piece of it and redirected it. From that far post. Captain played by Bentley bouncing puck out front. There's a fine take trying to step it past. Schilling takes one crack at it takes another crack at it. Shillings, got the puck underneath him as he's down in the paint. And I huge pile of bodies on top and all around, Alex shilling and some guys still going at it pretty good. Both benches. You can hear the coaches yelling, Stay out of their stay out of they don't want any penalties. In this situation, Valerie still in the box for Air Force, but chilling had to make about.

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