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You're listening to the briefing first broadcast only 20th february 2018 on monocle 24 heyman hello and welcome to the briefing coming to live from studio one hey amador house in london until i do it's coming up is angela merkel mentoring her new secretary general for the country's top job also ahead we destabilised the week will receive is cities annoyance fooled smith government and equipment and so we can show many things with other cities in slow equipment called and smart cities the mayor of seoul we'll be telling us how the world's top cities are sharing their ideas for best practice and a bit later on an we'll find out why the sounded the iconic gibson guitars could be consigned to the dustbin of history and calls fashion editor jamie waters will be giving us his highlights from london fashion week all that ahead here on the briefing with me tom edwards let's begin without top story angela merkel has appointed aggressive crump kalomba as the secretary general of her christian democrat party her name might not trip off the tongue but suggestions all that marco screaming her for the country's top job while clinton peel used to be berlin correspondent and foreign editor at the financial times and he joins us now on the line good afternoon quentin thanks for being with us it's been a source has now of constant interest of late this idea of the mirko succession what are these latest moves tell us about what it could let like is interpreting this as if you like anointment to at least angela merkel's choice of successor she's been gold mini mirko for quite some time pro trump cut umbrella so she scene is very much centrist in the party now the problem for angela merkel has been twofold one she seen is weakened by her election results last time all.

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